Holiday Travel: 5 Tips to Simplify Your Trips!

It can be hard to keep up with the pace of the holiday season without losing your mind, just a little bit. From cleaning the house to buying gifts, there are dozens of little things that need to be accomplished over a few short weeks.

One of the most stressful parts of the holidays can be holiday travel. Whether you’re heading on a vacation or visiting family for the festivities, packing up and getting there in a timely, organized manner can be quite stressful.

Thankfully, these five tips will help you simplify your holiday travel.

1. Pack Snacks in Advance

If your car or train journey is going to be a long one, you’ll want to make things more convenient by bringing along some nonperishable snacks.

Since you should be choosing nonperishable items, prepare these items in advance.

Take a few small plastic bags and fill them with snacks. Dividing snacks into individual servings will reduce mess and fuss while you’re traveling. To reduce sibling squabbles, stick a name label on each bag so kids know whose snacks are whose (find personalized children’s labels UK at Stuck on You). These individually packaged snacks are sure to make things simpler whenever someone gets hungry before it’s time for the next meal.

2. Clean & Stock the Car

There’s nothing worse than getting into a car for a long journey only to discover that the car is filthy inside. Nobody wants to be trapped in a dirty vehicle.

A week or so before your trip, take time to fully clean and detail your car. Take out anything that doesn’t need to be there a day or two before your trip so it will be easier to pack everything up when you’re getting ready to leave.

Lastly, you’ll want to stock up on paper towels, napkins, and any other essentials for the car ride beforehand. If you leave these items to the end, you will be more likely to forget them.

3. Organize the Kids’ Clothes

If you are going on an extended trip or packing everyone’s clothes together, it might be a good time to grab some children’s clothing labels and make sure each child’s clothes are labeled.

While you might know whose clothes are whose, you might not be the one helping your kids get dressed every day during the break. With so many family members around, it’s easy for clothing to get confused or lost.

Avoid this by having children’s clothing labels on each article of clothing. Doing so ensures that the clothes will make their way back to the proper child at the end of the holidays.

4. Label Everything

This hack is especially important if you’re going to be traveling by air or if space is tight. When packing, label everything. And I’m talking about more than just using children’s clothing labels.

Pack everything you can in plastic zip bags. Not only will these bags protect items from damage if there are any unexpected spills, but you can also write what belongs inside on the bags.

By doing this, it will be very easy to repack your back at the end of the trip! Simply place the items written on the bag back inside, and you’ll be ready to pack up in no time!

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