How Can Parents Prevent Alcohol Problems in Children?

Teenagers who have a strict and authoritative parent of the opposite sex are less likely to face the risk of alcohol problems. That was an unexpected result of the research conducted by the psychologists from the University of Baylor (USA).

Father and child

The scientists interviewed 581 college students about their relationship with parents. Parents were divided into three types:

  • authoritarian (those who set strict rules, demand obedience and do not tolerate discussions)
  • authoritative (who also require strict adherence to rules, but are ready to have a dialogue)
  • allowing (those who behave with the child more like friends rather than parents).

It turned out that authoritative parents are best able to control their child’s life, and allowing parents can hardly do that. Authoritarian fathers and mothers were somewhere in between. And most importantly, the teenager finds it especially useful to closely cooperate with the parent of the opposite sex. That means that sons of authoritative mothers and daughters of influential fathers are most protected from the problems, alcohol in particular.

Source of the image: Photl.

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