How to Make Your Child Eat the Meal?

The parents of little capricious eaters can affect their appetite by just offering them another plate as a dinner accessory. The main condition is that it must be multi-colored!

Colorful Table

The study, conducted by the scientists from Cornell University, has shown that children, unlike adults, prefer bright and colorful dishes. For example, a child will gladly eat even broccoli and fish from a plate, which is decorated with seven different images and painted with 6 colors. Adults need only three items and three colors in the picture. So, it is not the parents’ remark, but the color of the plate that is crucial for the child when he or she sees porridge or steamed vegetables.

By the way, last year the British Tesko company invented another way to feed little fastidious kids with tasteless cauliflower. The company has raised cauliflower, which is literally colorful. Purple, yellow, green cauliflower is colored this way not because of the use of chemical substances. Cauliflower has just been hybridized with other species, including broccoli.

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