How to Develop Your Kid?

Kids Drawing

All parents will certainly want their child to be the smartest, most talented and determined in life. They make the children attend various classes at an early age. But is it worth doing and how should one develop certain abilities in a child?

Try a bit of everything

Of course, being a genius is an innate quality. Think of Mozart’s biography, who was only three years old when he began to compose music that resembled that of adult composers.

It is at the age of 2-5 years that a child has the most interesting period, the period of getting acquainted with the world. The child wants to know everything and to try it, asks a lot of questions. He/she may be interested in drawing with paints, and after a couple of hours the child is banging on a saucepan. Just yesterday the child happily rode a scooter around the yard, and today he/she cannot live without music and dance. How can you differentiate ability and a temporary fad?

Let the kid try everything at this age. Provide the conditions for him to find his own interests, let him draw, sculpt, make applications, or listen to good music. Play music with him and involve the child in simple sports. During various occupations, try to notice what attracts your child most of all.

How to develop the child’s abilities

For example, your kid can sit for hours and think over a puzzle, while the rollers are gathering dust in the closet. You should support these initiatives and look for additional opportunities for the child’s self-realization. Buy a paper kit for him or a kit for creating and painting models and see how the child will play with the new toys.

If the kid is having fun listening to music and trying to play it, it is possible that he/she has the ability to music and the study of foreign languages. According to statistics, children with an ideal or at least a good ear for music memorize foreign words and intonations better than those who do not have similar abilities.

Think of the child, not about fashion

Your child is unique and has certain abilities. But unfortunately, many parents do not think about what can really be useful and necessary to their child. They choose classes according to the principle “a friend’s son goes to a kindergarten with deep study of the Chinese language and yoga, so we need it too!”

Down with the prohibitions

While the child is studying the world, try to control yourself and not to prevent him/her from doing it. We’re not talking about the situations that may be dangerous to the child and others, but about the moments when a son or daughter is interested in everything that is going on, try to look for a compromise, and not to prohibit and impose biased taboos.

Talk and do not condemn or forbid! Forget about punishments: you will not develop the child’s abilities in such a way.

How to prepare your child for classes

If you and your child have chosen something to your taste and are willing to regularly attend specialized classes, try to prepare the child mentally. Explain to the child that he/she will have to listen to the teacher in the classroom and to do the homework. The child will have a responsibility and his/her own little work which he/she will need to perform in order to become an artist or a dancer.

It is important not to miss this moment in the development of the child. At the same time, it is very important not to overreact at the age of 2-5 years. After all, what you are doing now will play an important role in your future understanding of the child.

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