How to Make a Baby Fall Asleep in a Minute

Making your newborn respect the day routine turns out to be easier than ever. A resident of the Australian city of Sydney has proved this with his personal experience. A resourceful father neither rocked his son, nor sang a lullaby to him. Instead, he took an ordinary paper towel and touched the baby’s face several times.

Make your Baby Sleep

Surprisingly, this unusual way to make a baby fall asleep worked well. In fact, it only took 42 seconds for the newborn, full of strength and energy, to close his eyes and fall asleep.

A short-length masterclass hosted by the author of this unique technique in the social network has already been watched by more than 1,300,000 Internet users. Many of them have tried this method on their children and came to the conclusion that it really helped.

How does it work?
This effect is achieved due to the consistent repetition of movements. In addition, the man waved a napkin in the vicinity of the baby’s face, causing the baby to focus on an object located just in front of his nose. The experts say this quickly made the baby tired.

However, the Australian inventor’s method will work only during the first months of baby’s life; over time the baby will require less strength to concentrate.

There are other quite unusual ways to lull the baby. For example, some babies fall asleep if their ears are carefully “cleaned” with a cotton swab or when these movements are imitated. Others like when their toenails are trimmed with scissors. It is not necessary to cut the nails, you can just pretend doing so. The main thing is to touch the tip of the toe next to the nail.


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