How to Make Your Baby Sleep 8 Hours in a Row at Night?

Many parents wish their baby would sleep through the night until the morning, but it is often unattainable. New York pediatricians discovered a technique that enables babies to sleep 8 hours without waking up for feeding.


Pediatricians Louise and Jonathan Jassey of Bellmore, New York published their technique that will help parents exhausted by sleepless nights. The technique is to gradually teach the child to the new schedule of feeding.

If a baby gets enough food before sleep, it would not wake up in the night to request a new portion. If the interval between feedings is less than four hours, Louise and Jonathan Jasssey recommend increasing the interval by 15 minutes daily to accustom the child to the new schedule. If the baby is awake and needs food, delay the next feeding a bit. The Jasseys believe that we should not give the baby the breast or bottle the instant it wakes up: frequent feedings, in their opinion, teach their child’s stomach a wrong schedule of sleep and eating.

The pediatricians claim there is a way to accustom the children to sleep, which is effective in 90% of cases. In just two weeks, according to the inventors of this method, you can teach your baby to sleep for seven to eight hours without waking up for feeding. As a result of this “training”, the baby’s brain begins to listen to the right signals of the stomach and to generate signals of hunger not earlier than every 4 hours during the day and every 7-8 hours at night. Doctors believe that you need to work out healthy eating habits since infancy, as it is the time when they are formed for the rest of the life.


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