Is Buying Your Kid a Plus-Size Barbie Worth It?

A very heated argument has broken out recently. Experts argue if dolls with distorted and even ugly forms can hurt the children’s psyche. The photo of a plump Barbie doll served as the provoking factor. The picture was posted by the representatives of the Plus Size Modeling group in Facebook. The experts believe that this is a difficult situation of perceiving the perfect body image, which can be important in a child’s upbringing. This was reported in the University Herald.


New Barbie

The doll has a double chin and a large waist size. The problem is as follows: whether manufacturers should make plus-size Barbie dolls? The main claim is reduced to the fact that no one is born with obesity. But if a girl plays with such a doll, she may develop the impression that having health problems and being overweight are a norm.

On the contrary, proponents of the new doll claim that there is nothing wrong with it because the real figure of a woman is much different from the model appearance of a Barbie doll.

What should the perfect doll look like?

It should be noted that the question as to what the perfect doll should be like (Barbie is supposed to personify it) is not raised for the first time. Artist Nicholas Lamm introduced the so-called three-dimensional Barbie model with the “normal weight” parameters. The doll was not so tall and somewhat less skinny than the original.

The artist believes that the Barbie original conveys an incorrect image to all the girls whose body will never look like that of the doll. Having familiarized themselves with the model, some girls decided that they liked Lamm’s doll more than the usual Barbie. The doll created by Lamm increased the girls’ self-esteem. It goes without saying: if the original Barbie Girl had been alive, her height would have been 180 centimeters, while her waist would be 40.64 cm, and her weight – just about 45 kg (100 lb).

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