Many Fathers Hardly See Their Children

Dads are getting out of touch with their families as their work keeps them away from home for longer time, point out the researchers that conducted a poll commissioned by

Happy family

A survey of 2,000 fathers reveals that when 20% of them get home after a long day at the office and a prolonged commute their children have already gone to bed.

Even if they arrive home in time to pal around with their kids some, 70% feel that they are not up to having quality time with them after a strenuous working day. The same percentage of fathers are ashamed they are not there when they could be helping out with before-sleep preparations – although there are 10% of those who disclosed that they would lag behind at work in order to give the home chores a miss.

The findings also show that a quarter of fathers get into arguments with their partner over the time they spend away from home working since their family feels the impact.

A spokesperson for betterbathrooms summed the results up saying it’s understandable that nowadays men of the family are trying hard to excel at their jobs and earn more money – only they should take more seriously any routine activities they share with their children so they would not feel robbed of “precious moments with their little ones.”

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