Modern Fathers Treat Their Kids Differently

Generation gap between parents and children is not so intensely manifested in the relationship of modern men and their sons than in earlier generations. According to leading medical professionals, fathers demonstrate unprecedented high interest in the education of children and communicating with them.


Fathers and sons have become much closer to each other than ever before – men now pay more attention to communicating with their heirs. Having declared the existence of such a trend, the experts explain that it has positive impact on future generations. Numerous scientific experiments prove that warm and friendly relations between children and their parents are a great impetus to children’s development.

The study, which was carried out by British experts from Middlesex University in London, included more than a thousand men with sons aged from 12 to16 years. About one-third of the participants reported that they tried to spend as much time with their young children as possible. In this case, only 18% of the participants admitted to psychologists that they had had the same warm relationship with their fathers in their own childhood. 7% of the men said they had not had any warm and trusting relationship with their parents as a child.

Speaking of modern men, experts note that the presence of young fathers at childbirth, as well as their participation in parenting helps to strengthen family ties and relations.

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