Mom’s Migraine Causes Colics in Babies

The new study, held at the University of California (San Francisco), showed that the infants, whose mothers suffer from migraines, are most likely to have problems with colics.

Apart from that, more severe colics in infants in comparison to their peers may be an early sign that the child will be predisposed to migraine later in life, since it is a genetic disease and can be transmitted from mother to child.

That is the conclusion reached by the U.S. scientists after interviewing 150 mothers with infants. The children, whose mothers had a history of migraines, were 2.5 times more likely to suffer from colics, than those, whose mothers did not have this disease. The percentage correlation of the reported results is 29% and 11% respectively.

The scientists emphasize that the data are not representative so far, because the poll needs thousands of moms with babies to be interviewed, and not hundreds. But now we can say that the result is quite interesting, and both the mothers, who suffer from migraine, and their children, suffering from colic, can start an adjusted therapy, based on the new data.

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