Mother’s Voice Changes Baby’s Character

The scientists have discovered that baby’s crying may have different kinds of intonation and tone, so that mothers can quickly understand what their baby wants. Babies under the age of 3 months can demonstrate various desires by means of their weeping.

Emotions, Baby

The researchers say that their voice may also have distinctive sounding: from sad to happy. So ladies should listen to their babies and take into account this factor. A woman should try to speak with a joyful voice, as the baby responds to the mother’s sound, and if it seems sad, the baby may begin to cry.

The experts from the University of London have found that a woman’s look is also of great importance. The way the mother looks at the baby and the way she speaks creates the general emotional atmosphere for the child which consequently affects the formation of the baby’s character. According to the experts, at the age of seven months babies can already distinguish sounds, such as when a person coughs or yawns. Evelyn Mercury, a leading expert on the subject, says that the results of the experiments have shown that babies actually grow much faster and begin to realize some things earlier. She claims that the brain already has certain abilities as soon as the baby is born, and the development begins immediately.

Anna Blasi, from King’s College London, is also working on this issue. According to her, a woman’s voice is an important social signal that the baby’s brain will consequently process and provide the feedback. This may be an important step in social interactions and the language of learning. For a more detailed study, the researchers use magnetic resonance imaging in order to scan the baby’s brain and identify the rate of blood circulation, that is, how fast it is transmitted to different areas. In future, it will help to define the risk of deviations in the development of babies and prevent such a disease as autism.

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