Parents Often Have to Lie to Seem Perfect

Parents often begin to distort the truth, just to look perfect educators to the people around them.

Happy family

This has been indicated by the data obtained from a study by the British portal Netmums, who managed to poll 11,000 users. It turned out that many of them boasted of parental success, which in fact was not true. Most people behave so when they hear questions about the child’s timetable. Adults begin to fib about the time their child gets up and how often it wakes up at night. 25% of the respondents, for example, swore that their child slept like an angel through the night – even when it turned out vice versa.

The study authors point out that many parent couples suffer from lack of sleep with their teeth clenched, but if you ask them about it directly, they will say, “okay.” The reason is that people want to be perfect parents and easily deal with all of their responsibilities. An indication that this is possible, from their point of view, is the child’s daily routine. So if your baby does not sleep according to the schedule, the adults feel guilty and begin to lie about little things and, moreover, look for non-trivial methods of rocking a baby. For example, one in five British mothers, if the child plays up, takes him/her into the car and begins to circle around the district until it is asleep.

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