Taking Care of Grandchildren Makes Grandparents Healthier

All grandparents on the planet deserve a reward for their wisdom, invaluable work and boundless love for their grandchildren. Many mothers and fathers would have tough times but for the support of their parents, who are always ready to help.


Geniuspregnancy.com decided to share the news that will surely please all parents.

Scientist Jonathan LaPook, an expert for Alzheimer’s disease, conducted a medical research, which confirmed an interesting fact. It turns out that caring for grandchildren prevents cognitive decline in elderly people and reduces the risk of serious illnesses associated with short-term and long-term memory.

The results of the research make it clear that spending time together is useful both for children and the elderly. Kids get more love and experience, and grandparents – an opportunity to stay active and young longer.


Taking care of grandchildren is hard work that requires attention, concentration and mental clarity. Besides, children need regular physical activity, which helps elderly people keep fit effectively.

Of course, like with all good things, moderation is important in such communication. To prevent the reverse effect, grandparents should not forget about quality rest and a balanced diet. Mom and Dad should not leave their children with their elderly parents for more than 5 days a week.

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