Tight Swaddling Causes Hip Displasia

British doctors are sounding the alarm. Tight swaddling of babies is coming back into fashion in this country after being forgotten about 25 years ago.

Many British mothers believe (not without the help of some doctors, misguided in this matter) that tight swaddling helps the newborn feel more secure. However, this practice of swaddling – when both arms and legs are held tightly to the baby – weakens the joints of the child. This is confirmed by the statistics of recent years: there has been a growing number of cases of hip dysplasia in newborns in Britain.

Professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Southampton, Dr. Nicholas Clarke, believes that there is no need for tight swaddling of babies. It is necessary to leave enough space for the baby to bend its legs, because there is still plenty of time for them to “straighten out”. It will take about a year before the child makes the first steps.

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