Why Getting Your Kid a Pet?

Psychologists believe that every child needs to get a pet. When a child has a strong emotional connection to the pet, he or she will surely become a sensitive adult. This adult will have strong social bonds with other people. It is known that contact with animals protects against stress without side effects.


Why a Child Needs a Pet

Megan Mueller from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine proves it with the words of people who had a strong emotional connection with pets.

Research Statistics

Over five hundred people from eighteen to twenty-six (mainly women) were interviewed. The researchers assessed the way how these people communicated with animals. The people also answered a few questions aimed to assess their personal characteristics, like care, competence, emotional connection, trust, lack of depression.

Pets Form Leadership Qualities in Children

Scientists have concluded that when a child is kind to his or her pet and takes care of it, he or she is much more likely to help family, friends, behave like a leader. Moreover, the link can be direct. Experts believe that pets have a huge role in people’s lives, especially at a young age. Due to this, children develop the ability to show empathy, to communicate with other people. Their confidence grows stronger, as well.

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