Why Is My Kid So Slow?

In each kindergarten, in each class or a group of children, there is a child, who differs from his/her peers due to slowness. Adults usually call these children loiterers or dawdlers. Such kids do not fall behind in development, they usually have no mental or physical disabilities, but in spite of this, slow kids suffer greatly from this feature. Older people often yell at them, peers are often annoyed and do not admit them to partake in their games, but the most important thing is these kids are badly teachable, as they just do not have time to perceive the information.

Slow Child

What Makes a Child Slow about Doing Things?

There are a lot of reasons for the child’s slowness. The following ones are among them:

The presence of a chronic disease, excessive fatigue, weakness

This usually occurs after a long illness. But after a while the child should recover. There should be an adaptation period for the recovery to be as fast as possible. During this period, the child needs care and rest. In addition, pediatricians may recommend special treatment and procedures that increase the child’s immune system, which also contributes to a speedy and full recovery.

Pathological brain conditions

They can occur due to adverse pregnancy, complicated labor, or being born as a premature baby. Kids with these diseases should be consulted by a doctor on a regular basis. Perhaps it will take some time. In addition, the physician may choose to prescribe treatment (usually medication), and the psychologist will help cope with the complexes that the child suffers from in such cases.

Undeveloped motor skills

Slowness is most often seen in children up to 3 years, as the coordination of movements is not perfect at this age. After the age of 3 years, slowness disappears by itself.

The peculiarity of temperament

If a kid is phlegmatic at heart, there’s nothing you can do. You cannot change the child’s nature. You will have to accept it.


Moving to another place, parents’ divorce, going to school – these and other situations always provoke the child to go through stressful situations when he/she is unable to cope with emotions. As a result, anxiety increases dramatically, and it leads to slowness of your child’s actions.

Lack or absence of parental attention

This is the way the child reacts to lack of communication with parents. In another way, such slowness can be called a protest against lack of attention and love on the part of the kid’s closest people.

Authoritarian parents

Constant shouting, demands, and punishment for minor incidents provoke the child to “revenge” the parents for such behavior. The child often expresses his unwillingness to attend music classes, to go in for sports etc. In this case, parents should review their style of communication with the child and choose a more democratic way.


Of course, dreaming is adherent to every child. But for some children, it exceeds the bounds of a normal behavior. Therefore, these children need to be constantly “returned to real life.” But do not shout at them, use a calm and even voice.

Many children are slow for no obvious reason. They just have such a feature of the body. It may disappear with time or stay for a lifetime.

But whatever behavior your child has, in any case do not blame him/her for that. It is not the kid’s guilt of being born that way. And your task is to help the kid cope with the difficulties that are likely to appear in the future life because of this peculiarity.

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