Why Do Moms Get Irritated?

Mom is tired and she wants to relax… But the child is constantly trying to draw her attention, crying, screaming, jumping, running. And so a wave of irritation rolls over the poor parent…

She shouts at the child and may even slap him/her. Do not worry, she is not a bad mom. It is just fatigue that leads to a bad mood. Some other reasons will be discussed further in the article.

Mothers Are Angry Because of Their Helplessness

Mind that all people tend to get irritated, crying and being angry from time to time. Why then be so afraid of these emotions? Many adults are often unable to distinguish between their feelings, emotions, desires, and actions.

Sometimes the usual feeling of annoyance can turn into a desire to scream, cry, or even kick. For a small child it is normal, but an adult should always distinguish between desires and actions, understand his/her feelings, and only then decide whether to act that way.

What Is Rage?

Psychologists believe that anger is a quite normal feeling, which is even a little useful. The main thing is to know how to handle it. Anger tells us about the need for change.

It is often small children, who cause rage. Everything happens because of the feeling of helplessness that adults have. We just do not know how to help our baby in some situations. What should we do?

To begin with, try to “tune yourself” to understand what the baby wants. Then you will need to collect yourself: leave the room, stay alone for some time, and relax from the high-pitched scream. It would be a good idea to call someone and ask for advice.

Bad mood and anger can also be caused by the feeling of fatigue. Do not make yourself a slave to the apartment and the baby. Ask the members of your family for help, you also need to have a rest. Spare more time and attention for yourself. Hire a nanny.

When and How to Stop Being Angry with Your Baby?

Sometimes a nervous mom does not even notice what is happening with her baby. And she may even scare it with her behavior. Have you seen fear in the baby’s face? This is a signal to stop! Pull yourself together and apologize to your baby.

Being Angry “the Right Way”

  • Do not turn your dissatisfaction into permanent accusations. But do not restrain your discontent as well. The best way is to gently explain to your child what exactly you do not like.
  • If you find it difficult to restrain your “primitive” rage, do not torture yourself: punch a pillow, tear a towel… but do it so that the child would not see it.
  • But the best thing is to beat up a carpet or wash the floor. Thus you will lose your negative emotions and switch to something else. To raise your mood, you can also listen to good music, watch a movie or a cartoon with the child, bake a cake… You can do virtually anything!
  • And most importantly – do not worry! Remember that every mother screams at her child at least once in her life. We are not perfect, but we must strive to become perfect!

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