Why Reading to Your Infant?

It turns out that reading aloud is beneficial even for newborn babies who still do not know how to pronounce syllables. If they listen to their parents’ voices who read to them from the first days of life, it helps children to create and develop their vocabulary, build communication skills, which are very important for normal studying. This has been stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Reading aloud should start from cradle. Fathers and mothers should use brightly colored books. Conversations with children, reading poetry, singing and games – all this will help them get used to reading better. Of course, you can not teach a two-month child to read, pediatrician Dr. Danette Glassy says. Nevertheless, your reading aloud will make the baby more intelligent.

According to experts, reading aloud or storytelling at an early stage in life can help predict how well a child will study in elementary school. Meanwhile, a research conducted in 2011-12 in the US revealed that only a third of parents from poor families read to their children aloud. Moreover, they started doing this only after the child turned 5 years old. Meanwhile, in wealthy families, more than 60% parents read or told their children stories.

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