Women Have More Stress at Home than at Work

Most women feel even more stress at home than at the workplace. Such a disappointing conclusion was made by the researchers from Pennsylvania State University.


Many people think that only at home they have an opportunity to get rid of work stress, relax their body and soul, and then get a taste for life. However, research has shown that for many women their home is even a more stressful environment than their office. And, more surprisingly, the highest level of stress at home was observed in the women who had no children.

Researchers Sarah Damascus, Joshua Smith and Matthew Zawadzki were involved in measuring the level of stress in 122 American men and women at work and at home. They were interested in people from different social and ethnic backgrounds, with different incomes and life circumstances. The indicator of salivary cortisol gave a comprehensive picture of the stressful condition observed in humans.

It was found that stress hormone levels in women were the lowest during the working day and the highest in the evening and on weekends during the day. In men, the reverse is true, although they did not show this difference in stress.

According to Sarah Damascus and contrary to the traditional idea that women are family creatures, we are convinced that they have a lot more stress at home than at work. In fact, women find their work more useful, because unlike men, they draw much more happiness from it. Namely, men are happier at home than at work. Perhaps this is due to the fact that after work a woman still needs to spend much time at the gas stove, shopping, and dealing with household chores. Modern men help their beloved, but the household burden is still largely on the shoulders of women.

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