Why Your Husband Doesn’t Want Pregnancy Sex

There are many men who experience problems when engaging in pregnancy sex. It’s hardly ever determined by the man’s race, religion or any other statistics. It’s simply a matter of whether he can do it or not. Many pregnant women complain that their partners are either not interested to have pregnancy sex, or can’t do it. These women reason that they are not attractive enough to arouse their man, especially in the later stages. However, there are lots of men who would claim that their pregnant partner is in fact a heavenly beauty. So what is the deal? What are actual problems that some men face with pregnancy sex, specifically late stage pregnancy?


Someone Else’s Presence

Some men feel uncomfortable knowing that his child is in the room, which is understandable.

The Baby Might Get Hurt

A surprisingly huge number of men believe that they might be knocking the baby on the head. It’s impossible. Explain it to him.

Girl Problem

Many men who know that their pregnant wife is carrying a girl feel very uneasy being intimate with their daughter so near.

Afraid of Hurting You

Communication is of the utmost importance at this stage. You should clarify what is acceptable and what’s not. For example, tell him not to apply pressure on your stomach or that a cushion should be around just in case. It’s your job to convince him that you won’t get hurt if he uses the right position and the right amount of pressure.


You have to accept it; it’s very difficult to find the right position and angle while having sex with a pregnant wife, but you can try to work out something.

Scared that His Semen Might Bring on Premature Birth

This is true to some extent. Semen does contain something called prostaglandins which trigger the coming of the baby. But this works only near the due date, so you should comfort him that pregnancy sex won’t be a trouble maker.

He’s Overlooking the Fact that Intimacy Is not All about Sex

There are many, many ways to have fun without engaging in intercourse. Maybe you should remind him passionately.

He Isn’t Aware that Pregnant Women Experience the Most Intense Orgasms

With some tender persuasion that females experience earth shattering orgasms in late stage pregnancy due to the increased blood flow to the related regions, he might become very interested in finding it out.

Half of all men actually have problems engaging in sex with a pregnant woman, especially women in the late stages of pregnancy. So if you find that your man is not able to perform, blame one of the above reasons and don’t worry about the fact that your man doesn’t find you beautiful.

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Latest Comments
  1. Tilda W.

    My hubby usually had just a very strong libido… until I got pregnant and my belly started to grow (29th week now). I really believed he stopped wanting me because of my huge (for me) belly and weight gain, we had a scandal, I didn’t talk to him for almost a week. But then we spoke about the situation seriously and I understood it wasn’t because of my appearance. He still finds my body sexy and I know that I turn him on, he was simply VERY afraid of hurting our baby. I gave him some literature about sex during pregnancy (thanks a lot for your article of the same name, btw!) and after he read we had a perfect, long awaited, hot sex!

  2. Thomas

    Men should catch the moment when their wife is pregnant.

    I mean, that’s the time when you don’t need to think about condoms and all the stuff.

    Forgot all the complexes, don’t be afraid, just have sex.

  3. killertomato

    I wish I could be more forgiving but I’m not. I’m in my 28th week and at at time when I could be enjoying sex even more because of increased sensitivity, he takes that away from me. It would never do if the situation were reversed, I promise you. In fact, I’ve been coerced into sex with him many times when I wasn’t feeling up to it. I just did it anyways. And how about all those half hour bjs? I honestly don’t know if we can recover, if I can just forget how this makes me feel. And now he’s already hinting that if he watches the baby being born he’ll have hang-ups there as well. Awesome!

  4. quety

    i am pregnant and is very frustrated because he wanted us to have a baby but now that i am pregnant he acts as though my personal urges and satisfaction dont matter. we have not had sex since becoming pregnant 02/13/09 he dont like for me to touch his genital area. its funny bcuz b4 becoming pregnant i use to have to beat him off of me. now@ 1st i didnt think he was cheating but now when i touch him he dont get the slightest bit aroused. when i ask whats the problem he has no explaination. ive had sex w. him on PLENTY occassions just because he wanted it. i dont want to become a cheater especially while im pregnant.

  5. Geniuspregnancy.com

    Quety, does your husband know that you can have sex till your 8th month without hurting the baby? Do you think he doesn’t want sex because you gained (maybe too much) weight and have a large belly now? May he probably have some problems in the area, like prostatitis or something? Try to talk to him and find out what’s wrong. You’re not strangers, you live together, he just has to explain it to you and share his problems, if he has some.

  6. smog

    Im so glad I read these comments by other abondoned women. I have been totally rejected by my ‘man’ since falling pregnant & have no intention of staying with him after the birth now.
    There is no way I am ever going to feel happy with him again since he has rejected me physically & emotionally at a time when I needed him.
    I feel so sorry for our unborn daughter; by the time she is born in 3 weeks she will not have two loving parents…just a mum who is totally heartbroken.

  7. Geniuspregnancy.com

    This is so terrible! Dut did you plan the baby?

  8. MrsC

    I feel the same way as smog. I also feel completely rejected and unwanted. I’ve tried sooo many times to tell him that it will not harm the baby, she won’t grow up with any complexes etc. and now I’m convinced he just doesn’t find me attractive anymore…which really sucks. I gave up my gorgeous slender body for oversized boobs and abdomen so that WE could have a child and first chance he gets he rejects me…at a time when I am so vulnerable. I am emotionally empty… he doesn’t even want to touch me anymore – forget intercourse. I can’t forgive him.

  9. SeriouslyHurt

    I know the feeling very well. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly two years and I am a little over three months pregnant. It wasn’t planned…so maybe there is where the problem lies, however, he had no problem taking the chance of doing the deed inside of me with no protection (can’t put blame on him, it took two to tango) BUT now it seems I am the one doing all of the initiating, and to be quite honest its getting old real quick. I have a very strong, high sex drive at this point, even moreso than before, so it hurts badly. I feel unattractive as my body keeps going through changes and his lack of interest in me is sucking! He has always been one to frequently pleasure himself, if I am not around, ad we used to have sex so very often, at least 4-5 times a week. He even used to tell me how he hopes the sex always stays that way. I know its a stressful time for him, as he has been laid off, and he is nervous about saving for this child etc.. but it makes me feel horrible, like an ugly duckling really. It sucks, but I guess if anything I am glad I am not the only one, who knows if will make it and that saddens me even more that I spent my whole life trying not to get pregnant for fear of my baby growing up without a dad like me, and now it seems life has come full circle. I know sex isnt the only important part of a relationship…but it still something I want to enjoy with him.

  10. Tina

    I am 30 years old and I am 28 weeks pregnant. My partner and I planned this baby. I noticed that my partner does not want to have sex with me anymore. What it hurts/bothers me is that he will go to the bathroom to masturbate instead of doing it with me. I am eating healthy and doing exercise, but I can’t help it my body is changing.
    I just do not understand why he is doing that, and that really hurts me. He uses the excuse that he is afraid to hurt the baby, and I told him that wont happen.
    I know that he stills wants sex, but I guess not with a pregnant women (me).
    I do not know what to do. Now I do not feel comfortable getting dress around him or if I am going to take a shower I just lock the door so he does not see me naked.
    I thought sex was going to be more fun now that I am already pregnant, but that is NOT the case.

  11. Amy

    I am 32 weeks my boyfriend and i planned this in the begining of my pregnancy we were still having sex, but when i turn 5 months and started to get a belly he would always put me down, like he doesnt get it that i need it and that no one else would touch a pregnant women. Some times i feel like he doesn’t want to touch me because he thinks am ugly, but then when i ask him he says that its not that, that his scared to hurt the babie and when i explain to him that their is no way he can hurt him he still doesn’t want to touch me. I dont know what to do anymore i am tired of trowing my self at him and been put down, sometimes i feel like cheating and really unhappy, but i mean some people say sex cant be everything in a relationship, but i think its a big part of it

  12. Cello

    I can SO relate. And what stings the most is that all the pregnancy books I have are loaded with chapters about how to deal with your dwindling sex drive, and how to keep your poor, horndog, sex-starved man at bay while you aren’t interested in sex. – Huh?? More like the other way around!!! Thanks a lot, books. Way to make me feel even worse!
    It’s so upsetting! I’m supposed to be the one who isn’t interested! I’m supposed to be the one beating him back with a stick! I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried talking about it, NOT talking about it, throwing myself at him, playing hard to get & waiting for him to make the first move, I spent a fortune on cute underwear, I explained it cannot hurt the baby. I ambushed him in the shower and started to give him a BJ – he went limp.
    I just DO NOT GET IT, because there is no way I would do this to him, if the situation was somehow reversed. He knows how this is making me feel (I’ve told him – I feel ugly ugly ugly, rejected, and supremely dissed at a time when I am the most vulnerable and insecure about my looks! Holy salt in the wounds, batman!) yet he cannot even muster up something for me. There is no way I would to something like this to him.
    My biggest fear is that it’s going to stay this way permanently. I can deal with it if it’s just for now, but…

  13. AV

    I seriously pity the guys married/involved with these women. The way you all tell it, you are basically resorting to cheating and divorce because of a 6 month dry spell. If guys dumped their wives for every time there was an extended period of not having sex, the whole bloody planet would be divorced.

  14. Stina

    I’m 19wks pregnant & with my 2nd pregnancy. My boyfriend of 7yrs did this to me with our first child, and now with our second. I find that as soon as I start to show, he will not have sex with me. I’ve showed him every article on sex during pregnancy & he still won’t budge. I’ve came to terms with it now… & I realize that its not me its him. As long as he is still assuring me on our love & showing me that he still loves me for everything- I’m strong enough to deal with it. We have built a life together… and unfortunatly, this is just one hurdle we must go through as women! Hope this helps. Stay strong ladies! And keep positive energy around you. Your feelings effect your growing babies! God bless <3 much love from Massachusetts!

  15. BT

    Geez, OK, we guys have something trigger in us about a woman showing. It’s like the vagina isn’t sexual, To be honest my sex drive has been cut way back. The comment about other forms of play are valid. But, the positions that used to turn me on aren’t safe so oral is a mainstay. (Cover you ears) anal still works well in some positions but trying the first time when your preggy may not be a good thing. I find porn helps a lot and my preggy woman thinks I’m more interested in other women but I told her it helps me get aroused so stop complaining. I think that pisses her off even more. If he watches the birth that will have an effect as well so heads up. My second so I’m not to overly concerned about it as I know it will pass. Be the woman he loves and not a bitch on a broomstick. Some guys may go off, find a woman and have sex with her. So, keep him on a short leash and keep him happy with BJs even if you have to work it for a long time to get him off. He will get used to preggy sex and please you.

  16. BT

    On a side note. This obsession you are having about sex and not being good enough is what us guys deal with our whole adult lives. For us girlfriends trading up and dumping us for a doctor or lawyer, the dear john letters while we are away, and all the other break ups because we don’t meet expectations plus a high sex drive is our normal way of life. Honestly, if sex were left up to women, we would be extinct as a species. It’s a little bit off topic but this experience can give you an insight of how your man feels. Yeah, preggy sex is different. Think of your thoughts and apprehensions before your first BJ. How you had to be coerced and cajoled into it. Now he’s the virgin in the situation and your the one needing your urges satisfied. It’s all perspective.

  17. asdf

    No offense but thinking that you’re unattractive to your partner because you’re pregnant is ridiculous. I think this article brings some good points, most men just don’t want to hurt the baby, plus the thought of having sex when there’s a baby present is “weird”.

  18. suresh

    wothable message,give option to ask the douth about the other topic

  19. Cg

    I am glad these messages were here for me to read. Although more responses from men would be nice. I am 28 weeks pg. My boyfriend stopped having sex with me at 3 months. And bjs ended at about 5. I feel like a sex crazed maniac. And have thought of cheating just to have my needs met. I dont think it has anything to do with my body. But just that theres a baby there. This is our second child and I was deprived the first time as well, but chalked that up to other issues and situations going on. I guess you could say I immediately turned into a bitch on a broomstick. But this time too? I made sure to keep my emotions at bay. But now Im ready to explode. I try to create all sorts of possibilities to have sex or a bj. And he will just fall asleep or somehow it becomes inconvenient. Either way if he wanted it he would of gotten it by now. So I am bitter and angry often. The only thing I can think to do is understand (even tho he wont talk to me about it) and have our baby and focus on our children and hope that attraction is rekindled. ANd FYI it took him til about 6 months postpartum til we had sex again. NICE HUH! He saw her born as well. I guess its a mental issue. But it truly sucks. I think most men will recover from this after the baby is born, just to give all of the women some hope. Its just a matter of time. Try not to be so bitter that you are ready to leave him as soon as the baby comes. Sex is important, but not as important as a child having both parents in their life (if possible), And dont worry ladies, we know how to pay em back one way or another…. n Im not talking about sex deprivation. We all have our ways. 😉

  20. JS

    I think it’s the madonna/whore complex in the men who have trouble having sex during pregnancy. Saying they are afraid to hurt the baby, etc…. are excuses to avoid the actual truth. Men are small minded when it comes to sex, love, etc…

  21. Mom2B

    I am in the same boat: sex crazed and understimulated. And I learned to put my insecurities at bay because I can understand how weird it is to have sex with a baby in the middle. I think as long as there is still intimacy.. Does he still hold your hand, rub the belly, try to help more around the house…? There’s little changes that make a big difference. And maybe it’s a good time to rediscover that intimacy because a relationship is not all about sex. I understand the previous posts of girls who had sex only bc he wanted to. I’ve been there before. But maybe, just maybe, this has nothing tondo with you or him, and all to do with the baby. I’m starting to get freaked out myself. How do you get turned on when you can feel ur baby moving inside.. That kills the mood, personally. Physically I am ready to go. Mentally, I’d rather not.

  22. Anonymous Dude

    i might sound insensitive but my reason why i dont engage my significant other is that her contsant mood swings turn me completely off… i think she looks beautiful holding my child but i just can’t get past the whining and complaining and everything being my fault. she has her moments where she is back to her old self and i can’t take my hands off her… i know she needs it and i do too… but i just can’t aroused when shes acting like that…

  23. niceguy

    all you men that post up on here that the male will just go find it else where need to pull your heads in i now have my partner in tears thanks alot you mindeless fools not all men are the same not all of us have no morals if you are one of these men that put stupid coments up on this site just stop and think for a minute about the damage you could do i thank you all for being so stupid and making me relise how nice a person i am

  24. Missymoo

    With my first child I experienced this with my partner and I was truely depressed, we never really spoke about it properly I would just cry most nights feeling extremely unattractive and lonely, also that paranoid feeling and thought of him being attracted to other women or sometimes thinking he might be cheating! I knew deep down that wasn’t the case. But still this very quickly made big problems in our relationship, by the time our daughter was born we had falln out of love and it wasn’t about the sex anymore, sometimes it’s nice to be understood. Now I have a new partner and I’m 6 months pregnant and he is off sex, we have spoke about it but that hasn’t changed his sex drive, I haven’t told him how I felt with my daughters father as I feel this would be a sore subject, I know he loves and would never cheat on me and I never get those thoughts with him, I do get annoyed when he glances at other women though, and maybe sometimes over react, I know for sure I’m not the only one who does this haha! If only there were a magic pill to make all these men find us truely irresistable. Untill then invest in a good sex toy. Don’t let it ruin your relationship because it’s only a short period of your life, and to let it be the cause of the end of what should be a great part of your lives is mad. I regret it! But then again I am here now with a man I love carrying my second child. I would only be happier if I were getting more sex! JUST OVERCOME YOUR FRUSTRATIONS! Take care ladies.

  25. AP

    I’m an 18 yr old guy and have never had a girlfriend or anything so I probrably have no place talking here. But the way I see it us guys should be going out of our way to make our girls happy, we have it pretty easy as far as I can see, mind you both male and females have things they have to deal with, guys have a lot less. And I’m sorry but I just cannot see how a guy could leave or neglect his partner like has been said, this honestly just makes me ashamed to a male and I truely feel sorry for you women.

  26. mw

    I am so attracted to my wife who is 23 weeks along. She is the one who doesnt want sex. I am starting to feel unappreciated. I have picked up on all the house work and not slacked any hours at work. I put stretchmark stuff on her belly everynight and give her a massage. yet still i am made to feel bad about wanting intamacy with her

  27. B

    Reading your comments has made me realise that I am not the only pregnant woman suffering from a partner who doesnt want sex in turn making you feel ugly, unwanted and completely convinced that he is gonna cheat on you with the first non-pregnant woman that opens her legs. Me and my partner have known each other for a number of years but only started being sexually involved at the start of the year, Within 4 months I was pregnant and this was not planned. My sex drive was high before I got pregnant but now I find that I want it all of the time. I feel like a sex crazed maniac! The hard part is not actually getting the sex. I had an arguement with him about it last night as I just thought that he is a selfish pig but read all of the comments I realise that this is a common problem and instead of pushing him away I should try and be supportive and try and find other ways to be intimate. He has already advised me that he would not feel comfortable watching the birth and I can live with that but I really need to try and sort out our problems now before we end up breaking up. Thank you for all of your comments regarding this, you have really helped. I cried myself to sleep last night thinking that he thought that I was ugly, fat and disgusting but now I can smile to myself knowing that it isnt me and that it is him. Thanks guys 🙂

  28. rick

    i would like to start off by saying i am a nice guy and find my wife extremely attractive. She is almost 30 weeks now and i am having erection issues i dont know why this is happening but it is. So all i can do is try to be intimate in other ways. i think it is all in the sub consious part of the mind. I will continue to try but i cant make it hard but i am greatful that my wife understands and we talk through this together which is what i think is the problem for most of these relationships we have our whole life to have sex so we can please eachother in other ways for now. Hope this helps i am sure if all these guys could they would but they cant which is not that un common from what i have read

  29. Tony

    18 weeks into our first child and I have a problem having sex with my wife. I love her more and more everyday and I still find her attractive. Most of the men I believe are not telling the whole story because if they do the women just think us men are pigs and jerks……that is not the case. (some may be, but not all of us) some just have real issues and you are not helping us overcome our fears. I was looking for answers here but found none…..If you really want to hear the truth….for those of us that don’t want to have sex with our pregnant wives……it’s more than likely these things…..1) I can hear and feel the fluid sloshing around, 2) afraid of hurting the baby (most nights we hear you say things like I can’t sleep on my back or it will hurt the baby, I can’t lift that or it could hurt the baby, so for a guy like me, 6’2″ and 260lbs, I think I am justified in worrying about that, 3) “it” smells different and it’s not an attractive smell (you know this and you think we don’t?) 4) in a few more months, our baby’s mouth is going to be attatched to the same place I want to lick and it freaks me out, 5) the constant gas and extra vaginal secreations that you talk about doesn’t help the sex drive. We will not cheat on you, we do think you are beautiful…….This is the first time that the male has things floating in his head that normally isn’t there. Before pregnancy, it was “I can’t wait to have sex” and that was it…now, it’s “if I touch her nipples will it hurt her, will she like it or not, if I am on top, will she be comfortable, if I grab her to passionately will, again, hurt her” We didn’t have to deal with these thoughts before. Please help us. We are not use to having all these thoughts beyond just sex. You’ve dealt with it for years and we just don’t know how to deal with it.

  30. da_missus05

    This is my 2nd pregnancy- I’m currently 22 wks. My husband hasn’t touched me since late August/early September. I’m a hormonal/ horny mess. I’ve taken to sleeping in one of our extra bedrooms. I say- what’s the point of sleeping next to a man who won’t even cuddle with me? get absolutely NO physical contact of any kind. And it is really having an effect on how I feel about him and our marriage. He says he doesn’t want to hurt the baby but the sorry bastard will let me do 5 loads of laundry – from the basement to the upstairs bedrooms- and not say a word. What gives??

  31. Choumyco

    Okay! This is just my personal take on this and I will not feel offended if no one agrees with me. My wife is currently pregnant with our first child and I can’t wait to have him in our life. I’m already shopping for matching bow ties for us to wear. I love my wife to pieces and have I fallen in love with her even more during her pregnancy. I think that she looks beautiful with her mood swings and belly but at the same time I’m having a very hard time make love to her. I find that I need to work harder at staying erect to make sure that I keep her satisfied. I want to want her but there is a growing child in the mix and that changes the visual of what we use to do. There are no classes or literature on making love to your pregnant wife/girlfriend. I feel that a lot of men use the excuse of not wanting to hurt the baby while being aware that he will not hurt it in any way, but it’s still very different. It’s not as easy as before and you ladies need to understand that before blaming your bodies and feeling unwanted for this. We are afraid of the situation as much as we don’t understand what you are going through it. Your sex drive is at the topping the charts as ours are dwindeling as your belly grows and neither of us have any control of the situation. I don’t want any one else but her and I know that once the baby is born I will want her just as much as before but for the time being it’s not the same. The women on this blog should take into consideration that things have changed with a child on the way but don’t think that this is it. Your boyfriend/husband will love you and feel attracted to you just like before if not more.

  32. preggo =]

    Thank you! I have been very hurt for the past several days, and cried myself to sleep because of thinking I was ugly and unwanted. He keeps telling me exactly what you said, but I thought it was just an excuse to not hurt my feelings (although it wasn’t working) However, hearing another man say it too helped so much. I will try to keep in mind that he can not control that. I will try to be close to him in other ways.

  33. Matt

    I never had sex with my wife when she was pregnant. She was unattractive just looked like a beached whale.

  34. Matt

    I knew that I couldn’t hurt the baby. My problem was that once my wife started showing, I felt like my son was right there next to me watching while I was trying to sex her up. She looked absolutely beautiful and I loved her more every day, but I just couldn’t get around feeling like a pervert or pedophile when we got intimate. It got to the point where I couldn’t even get it up because of this. That was when my wife took notice (obviously). Of course, she thought that I wasn’t having sex with her and couldn’t get it up because of how she looked. But, after she prodded me with questions (and lots of crying), I finally told her the problem. After she stopped laughing (she thought it was ridiculous at first), she was very understanding. Especially after reading how common it is. She respected my position and didn’t feel ugly anymore (at least due to that reason). It also made me feel a ton better after I read about other guys having this issue too. I thought that I was just a freak until that point.

  35. debbie

    I’m 7 months and totally understand that its weird to have sex whilst  theres a baby in there! its bloody weird for me! So I forgive him the sex totally. but he wont kiss or cuddle me either. he wont even touch my bumpand that is hard to deal with. I shouldn’t have to ask for a cuddle should I? have any of you men gone off even cuddling your pregnant partners?

  36. Caity

    Okay I am thirty two weeks pregnant and my fiance and I just stopped having sex. Now of course I do feel totally ugly and unwanted but I am in no way mad at him. For one thing this isn’t technically his baby. He knows that and is okay with it. But it must make it hard. And I know that sex can make him worry if he is going to hurt me. Sometimes I Might forget these things but I know its all true. The part that hurts me the most is that for the past month or so he won’t come around my belly. He tells me he rubs it at night when I am asleep but when I am awake he won’t touch it or have anything to do with it. Is there something wrong? Does he not want the baby anymore? If not I totally understand and wouldn’t press him on it. I just want to know what makes him tick and all. And he doesn’t ever really feel like talking about it. I guess I will just have to wait and see. And girls to be honest, if you become very horny to the point of it being a huge complication, now is the perfect time in your life to get back to loving yourself to. Manual can actually be very stimulating and it lets you know where you want to be touched and how.

  37. red

    Ok im 37 weeks pregnant now and up until 3 weeks ago my bf always wanted to have sex. I wanted it but not as much as him but he still got it a few times a week. Well i bought him a new iphiPhone for him for our anniversary and simce then we have had sex once. Not saying that’s the reason. He says its creepy cause the babys gead and i lodt my mucus plug which i understand. Its weird. But he wont touch me. Wont cuddle me unless i beg him. He has nwvenever rubbed my belly much. I lost a set of twins at 22 weeks almodt a ywar ago. He never had this problem then. And one of their heads was always down there. And after i lost them he always wanted to habe sex even though i was so depressed. But i still gave it tto him more than im getting now. Ugh. I love him its just frustrating! 

  38. TheGuy

    I am a guy that currently has a wife about to give birth to my second child. I cannot speak for most guys but in trying to identify reasons why I did not want sex with my wife once she became pregnant, I found the answer. When a guy/husband/bf/etc gets his lady pregnant, his job is done. It is a primordial instinct to not want to have sex with a pregnant woman because she is already pregnant. I know I love my wife, I am attracted to my wife, yet when she is pregnant, I am not 95% not interested in sex with her at all. At first, I thought it had to do with hurting the baby or maybe because she was gaining weight, or even being nervous. However, as I investigated these reasons, I knew that I was being irrational and making excuses. Subconsciously, it was the fact that she was pregnant that turned me off. Instincts kick in…you can’t get a woman pregnant twice. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing BUT looking at it in its most basic form, it is simply designed to continue the survival of a species. A mans job is to impregnate a woman and a woman’s job is to find the best man to reproduce with and care for her young. Today, we know that this basic form of continuing the species has many other variables to it.

    A man may never really know why he doesn’t want to have sex with his wife when she is pregnant.

    After my wife gave birth to our first child, after a few weeks, I was interested in sex with her again.

    Hope this helps.

  39. TheGuy


    I am 95% not interested in sex with her at all.

  40. Deb

    Im glad im not alone. Im 39 weeks pregnant and my husband and i have always been very sexual even throughout my pregnancy. It wasnt planned but we are both very happy about it. The last 2 weeks or more he has just stopped being interested in me sexually, the one day we were going to do it he couldnt even get it up except for a minute or so befor it died, which came as a huge shock since that never happened befor and it has been awhile since we have had sex, then the next day he starts talking about how we had amazing sex the other night and how i have forgotten about it. I cant even talk to him and tell him how this is making me feel so ugly and fat( which i would figure since i have already been having trouble dealing with my pregnancy wieght and comments from family members saying im fat even though i have only gained baby weight and not much extra, and him being pissed for them making me feel like shit and now his doing the same thing) and unattractive. he thinks i am bad mouthing him and putting him down and then he says little things like oh i was planning on having sex with you tonight or there was other nights but you just turned me off it, or says things like he is going to wake me up when he goes to take a shower or today we will have sex and it never happens and he wonders why i get down and upset and then he just makes me feel bad saying that i have ruined his night by being mad or upset or because im just laying in bed. i really dont know what he expects from me since he works all day comes home wants time to his self which is till like 3 in the morning so i dont get to spend time with him plus i cant see my family right now or friends so yea i am going to be a little down and upset especially if he thinks coming and laying beside me in the bed for 5 minutes and then leaving and not coming back to bed till 3 or later is spending quality time with me. anyways sorry i had to vent i dont have anyone i can talk to and it has been bugging me for quiet sometime now.

  41. Sabrina

    Men are such asses. They never realize how they ruin things with thier selfishness. The same thing happend to me. No matter how much I cried or how angry I was, nothing. The last time I mentioned it he practically told me to shut up he was tired of hearing about it. Never gave me a valid reason and denied every reason I came up with it. Our son is 5 months, things never got back to being the same. We have had sex like twice, but it was not the same, for me anyways. I still have alot of anger and cannot even look at him the same way. He has apoligized, we have gone over it . I think now he realizes what he has done to me and us.But it is all said and done. We get along and care about eachother, but that part of us is gone. I think what it will take is ME to have to work on getting it back. But I can’t. What I need is HIM to work REAL hard, like when we first met, but he probabally wont.

  42. Sabrina

    To “the Guy” don’t forget that your wife “does” still have feelings and needs and it is not only about “your” instincts wether you feel it is natural or not. It would be EXTREMELY selfish to hide behind THAT excuse.

  43. Sabrina

    Matt is just a JERK!.. Seeing these male comments only makes me even more angry with my partner and sure that now when he finally wants sex again I will hand him a tube of vaseline and a tube sock!

  44. bellyflop

    i’m on my 27th week, really horny everyday …i’ve tried making the first move, but didn’t work out…i just sleep it off..i’m glad some guys posted their thoughts too..at least it opened my mind,.coz i never really talked to him about it..anyway, the baby will be out soon..so let’s just hope we’ll go back to what it was bfore gettng knockd up..or even better…

  45. Timothy

    As a guy with a 3rd trimester wife I thought I’d just put in my 2 cents to help some of you women out.  If you want your husband to think of you sexually, then DON’T make him watch 500 videos of women giving birth, don’t talk about every gory detail of birth and basically try to remain at least somewhat of a sexual creature to him instead of purely a reproductive being.  My wife is gorgeous with a great body and typically I’m very attracted to her, even while (very) pregnant she is sexy and beautiful.  But do you know what isn’t sexy at all?  HOURS AND HOURS OF TALK ABOUT BABIES!  I want a ton of children and LOVE LOVE LOVE babies, but they AREN’T sexy, the are the opposite of sexy.  I wish she’d understand that for every birth video I have to watch I need about 3 days off from sex to see her as a mystical sexual woman again instead of livestock ready to give birth.  I’m being overly harsh but you get the point.  I, in no way shape or form, would ever want to watch my child come out of my wife’s vagina.  If I saw that I wouldn’t want to have sex for months.  I love feeling my wife’s belly to feel the baby move.  It’s so amazing!  But it definitely doesn’t turn me on!  Honestly I’d be shocked if any guy could have sex with their wife within 10 minutes of feeling their baby move.  Creepy.

  46. Pregno

    It is tough knowing that your partner can’t or won’t bother trying to satisfy you especially when you can recall multiple occasions when you were not in the mood but wanted to satisfy him because you love him. Now it is as if he doesn’t love you enough to try to satisfy you and your urges. It is very difficult to cope with and can make you question the strength of the relationship and your own feelings about your love for him. It is like revenge is what you want but that isn’t healthy so you just want to call it off. The pregnancy hormones are not helping either. Is it selfishness when he is not even willing to try?

  47. hmm

    my god ah ah ah ah mmm breastfeed milk  suckle 

  48. Sadnessmama

    Ok … So im a put this truthfuly out there … Im 27weeks pregnent 2nd pregnency with my 2nd husband I have 4kids total … He will not touch me … All he asks for is a bj … I give him bjs but dont not get nothing back ever … Even at times we do have sex he doesnt touch me … what do I do ? 

  49. matt

    im a soon to be dad, any man who doesn’t want to have sex with his wife willing to go through the pain of bring a beautiful child into the world is a fool. Temporary tummy, yeah no shit she’s pregnant!

  50. Christopher

    To Sadnessmama, your doing all the work, having the baby is hard enough, why do more work giving this man a bj when he doesn’t deserve it. What i would do would be to not do ANYTHING and tell him to act like a man. My wife always complains about how terrible it feels to be pregnant, i can’t even imagine, i hope he treats you better after the pregnancy, if not then he’s not worth your time. 

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