Why Your Husband Doesn’t Want Pregnancy Sex

There are many men who experience problems when engaging in pregnancy sex. It’s hardly ever determined by the man’s race, religion or any other statistics. It’s simply a matter of whether he can do it or not. Many pregnant women complain that their partners are either not interested to have pregnancy sex, or can’t do it. These women reason that they are not attractive enough to arouse their man, especially in the later stages. However, there are lots of men who would claim that their pregnant partner is in fact a heavenly beauty. So what is the deal? What are actual problems that some men face with pregnancy sex, specifically late stage pregnancy?


Someone Else’s Presence

Some men feel uncomfortable knowing that his child is in the room, which is understandable.

The Baby Might Get Hurt

A surprisingly huge number of men believe that they might be knocking the baby on the head. It’s impossible. Explain it to him.

Girl Problem

Many men who know that their pregnant wife is carrying a girl feel very uneasy being intimate with their daughter so near.

Afraid of Hurting You

Communication is of the utmost importance at this stage. You should clarify what is acceptable and what’s not. For example, tell him not to apply pressure on your stomach or that a cushion should be around just in case. It’s your job to convince him that you won’t get hurt if he uses the right position and the right amount of pressure.


You have to accept it; it’s very difficult to find the right position and angle while having sex with a pregnant wife, but you can try to work out something.

Scared that His Semen Might Bring on Premature Birth

This is true to some extent. Semen does contain something called prostaglandins which trigger the coming of the baby. But this works only near the due date, so you should comfort him that pregnancy sex won’t be a trouble maker.

He’s Overlooking the Fact that Intimacy Is not All about Sex

There are many, many ways to have fun without engaging in intercourse. Maybe you should remind him passionately.

He Isn’t Aware that Pregnant Women Experience the Most Intense Orgasms

With some tender persuasion that females experience earth shattering orgasms in late stage pregnancy due to the increased blood flow to the related regions, he might become very interested in finding it out.

Half of all men actually have problems engaging in sex with a pregnant woman, especially women in the late stages of pregnancy. So if you find that your man is not able to perform, blame one of the above reasons and don’t worry about the fact that your man doesn’t find you beautiful.

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/omar_franc.

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  1. bubbles

    omg i really cant believe some of the males and females! on here ?? Thinking of cheating on their partners because of high or low sex drives, what ever the problem in the relationship there is NO excuse to cheat!! I seriously feel like ive come to the wrong place to even state my situation… Tho it has nothing to do with my boyfriend not wanting sex . I am 29 weeks pregnant and Its actually the fact that we have been trying tho ive had days there with intense pelvic pain which is making it quite hard to finish our session. Which has put my bf off a bit to the fact that it does sometimes cause me pain. Tho our situation does not at all have any of us thinking of cheating on each other. We still love each other. That is what love is about through thick and thin stand by each other! not every male is out there to cheat most males find pregnant women attractive!

  2. Jackie

    Well as soon as my husband found out I was pregnant he walked out the door and never came back. He quit his 6 figure job and abanded his BMW in a grocey store parking lot, and an envelope that contained his car keys, all credit cards, cell phone, ss card, medical card and his drivers licence, and a very hurtful note. I’m glad I left I couldn’t stand a big gut pregnant slob, I hope your happy with your little future doper. That is not all after I was in the hospital delevering he came back and cancelled the lease on our apartment, sold all the furniture and threw out all my clothes . I’m currently living in a womens shelter with my baby girl. I never thought my life would turn out like it has. I’m depressed and can’t afford to see a doctor. I might have to give up the baby for adoption.

  3. Benny

    Women are selfish hypocrites, and pregnancy sex is depraved and disgusting. Grow up.

  4. Dymondzncurlz

    To mw: there was one who commented on “nature” and that it was the female’s job to find the best man suitable to get her pregnant. Your girlfriend has done this. The rest of us are sad that we have not. 🙁

  5. Erwin Alber

    So sorry to hear that your man has turned out to be such a dud Jackie! I hope you find a truly caring man once your wounds have healed. 

    Not being able to afford a doctor is no great loss because if you breastfeed your baby, you may not even need one. I know mothers who have given birth at home and breastfed their babies who then never ever saw a doctor even by the time they were 4 or 5 years old. Needless to say they were also not vaccinated.

    Vaccines are horrible poisons which in my opinion shouldn’t ever be injected into a baby or anyone’s body for that matter.

    All the best – check out my Vaccination Information Network on Facebook if you like! If you have any questions about anything, such as breastfeeding, I suggest you contact me on Facebook as I have a friend who is a midwife.

  6. Erwin Alber

     How about telling him to piss off? What’s in it for you?

  7. Erwin Alber

     Instead of expecting and demanding things from each other, how about just trying to be friends for a bit?  Marriage isn’t just about sex – it’s about seeing the other person as someone who is really just you in another body; hence the commandment “love your neighbour AS YOURSELF”. Love and affections should come again naturally, of itself. Forcing things usually doesn’t work, in my experience. “Once burned, twice shy” also applies, so I suggest you both just take it easy and go slowly! .  

  8. Erwin Alber

    I feel that guys get turned off when women get clingy. I suggest you just ease off and he may come round if you give him a bit of space.

    I also don’t think it’s a good thing to depend on other people’s attitude or comments for your self-esteem. I suggest you just feel good about yourself and don’t give a hoot what other people think about you.

    What other people think about you should be none of your concern, because you are not who other people think YOU think you are. You are who you are and what anyone thinks about it is irrelevant, so why even waste a second on worrying what other people think?

    Know that you are much loved. Who does or doesn’t love you doesn’t even come into it. If someone doesn’t love you for who you are, it’s their loss and their shortcoming. You ARE love – just radiate it out and love (and with a bit of luck your husbad) will come back to you. 


  9. Erwin Alber

     Love your answer! 

  10. Erwin Alber

     Great answer!

  11. Erwin Alber

    A bt off-topic, but seeing this is about pregnancy I just wanted to say that if one lives in the US and is expecting a baby it is important to state in the birth plan which one hands in to the hospital that one doesn’t want the hepatitis B jab which is routinely given to newborn babies. For information on birth exemptions, go to vaclib.org and click on ‘Exemptions’, then scroll down to your state.  

    The hep B vaccine is genetically engineered, completely unnecessary from a medical viewpoint and very dangerous. 


  12. Rebecca Colon12

    Love ur post!!!!!.. It made me cry!

  13. Miss_naomi20

    Im 22 wks pregnant and mine and my husbands sex life is dwindling. I had a high sex drive before I got pregnant and we had a healthy lovely sex life. But now it’s maybe once a wk sometimes longer. The sex is good when we do it but I feel likes hes just trying to placate me cause I’ve moaned at him! Anyway today I come home and found him masturbating to porn and it’s completely numbed me, I kinda knew he was doing this when I go out recently but I wasn’t expecting to have it confirmed. Now I know all men watch porn I’ve heard all the excuses, blah, blah, blah. But I feel that my body has changed so much I’m not the woman he married not long before I became pregnant. I have asked him if it’s any of the above reasons regarding the lack of sex life but he says no, which for me only leaves the body changes as an option as I now know instead of being intimate with me, he’d rather be doing it solo. I don’t want to mention it any further as I don’t want to push him away but at the same time I feel if I just leave it will we b able tO gain bk what we had before after the baby comes. I’m at a complete loss

  14. Mommy

    Oh no, no, no… autism isn’t caused by vaccinations. The doctor who originally made those statements has been discredited.  The most at risk of dying from preventable diseases are babies and the elderly. Ever since this false claim has surfaces many people have chosen not to vaccinate their babies. Death from pertussis has been on the rise in both infants and the elderly in the USA since those claims were made. The only difference in autism rates has been our ability to identify autism and put a label on it, where as before they were just labeled “mentally retarded.”   Please don’t spread this advice around, as you are not a doctor.

  15. Melissa1wks

    Your one sick puppy. dont think your helping anything with your nasty little comment

  16. Cherise Marie Goodson-Countess

    I wish my guy felt this way because hes been doing it since i told him i was preg. before i even showed signs of being pregnant…

  17. Anj

    WOW these convos got crazy fast… To Miss_naomi ASK MEN MASTERBATE..(can’t stop it.. Just know he still loves you) Men do this because for one it’s easier, faster and not exhausting + they are men lol. Believe me as your relationship grows the address life dwindles and it is completely normal. The stress of life and with the exhaustion of work the “want” will always be there but the “will and energy” isn’t there. That’s when you find out if your love was based on sex or something deeper. You are each others best friend don’t jump to conclusions and get all crazy over your man whacking it .. Just get yourself a vibrator and get it done yourself. Believe me when you just do it yourself.. You can make yourself HAPPY like you wouldn’t believe and within 5 minutes… Not 20-30 or not at all. Then brag about it he’ll take it as a challenge!!

  18. Rkz

    It’s frustrating honestly and make you feel ugly and sometimes all you need is jus a hug and comfort that we are in this together but that’s proving impossible .

  19. Valerie Mondesir Alarcon

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    Valerie Mondesir Alarcon

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