Sex during Pregnancy

Pregnancy SexEverybody knows where babies come from – every new life starts with sexual intercourse. But why should intimate relationship between spouses be a problem during pregnancy? Of course, pregnancy is the time of drastic physical and emotional changes that undoubtedly influence the sex life. And it has to be considered. As in regular life, a woman experiences an increase and decrease in sexual desire within nine months. With pregnancy though, the upsurge in sexual activity is indeed difficult to predict. However, there are basic physiological norms and reasons that influence sexual activity and they shouldn’t be neglected.

Sex Drive of Pregnant Women

The fact that woman becomes indifferent to sex at the first stage of pregnancy is quite natural as female body is experiencing a real hormone boom. Smells and sounds are perceived sharper than before, and the scents that excited earlier can now cause negative emotions. Increased emotionality and physiological changes influence the behavior of woman. Many women feel sick at earlier stages because of toxicosis. They feel dizzy and sick and suffer from painful sensations in breast. Rather than passionate sex, women need care and fellow feeling from their partner at the earlier stage of pregnancy.

When Pregnant Women Want Sex Again

Toward the midpregnancy (second trimester), stronger desire for sex arouses in the half of women. By that time, the blood flow to sexual organs is increased. Besides, belly is not that big to hinder love-making. It is also the time when spouses don’t have to worry about contraception, which helps them feel more librated. So, if pregnancy is going well and your doctor can’t see any contradictions, “pregnant” sex can be the brightest period of your sex life. It might be the best sex you ever had in your life.

Sex during Last Pregnancy Months

During lasts months of pregnancy women become less active. They feel drawing pain in the loins and have a big belly. It is the time the couple can seek for new forms of sexual satisfaction.

Take a Break

2-3 weeks before estimated birthdate, it would be reasonable to abstain from sex because sexual intercourse at later stages can cause birth contractions. When woman gets excited, oxytocin (the hormone stimulating the womb contractions) is released into the blood; prostaglandin (the hormone in male seminal fluid) has the same effect.

Remember: Pregnancy is not an illness. If the woman is healthy and carrying a baby, she goes to work, hangs out with her friends and, of course, makes love.

Can Sex Harm the Baby?

Many couples are hesitating during this period. On the one hand, they want to make love, but on the other hand, they are afraid of harming their baby. You can’t hurt your baby that way because the baby is protected inside the firm bubble and in your womb. Amniotic fluid cushions more or less hard kicks very well. Mucous plug in the womb protects your baby from harmful bacteria. That’s why you have no reason to abstain from sex if your pregnancy is going well.

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  1. Sexy Mom

    You’re absolutely right – people may have their best sex ever during pregnancy. I had my best orgasms when I was early pregnant. And I had a really high sex drive! My husband couldn’t believe this happiness lol

  2. Natalie

    You were lucky Sexy Mom. My husband and I, we were always afraid of making love when I was pregnant – we thought not about the process, but if we can harm our baby. It was the rarest sex in our life. But now when we have our baby boy, we are happy. We are parents and we can have sex as often as we can!

  3. Telliana

    I don’t think pregnancy sex should be a problem. It actually is only when you have a big belly, but you can find positions when you can achieve orgasm.


    Anyway, every pregnant woman should first of all consult her gynecologist about the subject. If your pregnancy goes well – there are no reasons to abstrain from sex with your partner.

  5. Chicago Attorney

    In some instances, OBGYNE’s do not advice sexual intercourse to their pregnant patients, well only IF a pregnant woman is carrying a very dangerous pregnancy. Some may lead to bleeding and its not healthy at all. Anyhow, if a woman’s preganancy is normal and doing good. Sexual intercourse won’t be a problem at all, after all husbands might not have the patience to wait for 9 monts or beyond to have sex. 😉

  6. Marco

    Pregnant sex is generally not a problem but I think understanding on the partner’s side is required. For example, sometimes a pregnant woman’s sex drive may decrease, her breasts can become tender etc. You just have to work through all the concerns and issues as a couple, as with other aspects of pregnancy.

  7. Britney

    The most important thing in pregnancy sex is to find a good position.

  8. KonstantinMiller

    Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

  9. Adewale Adebambo

    some women belive that having sex during pregnancy is another way for their husbands to show true love to them. But in most cases, some married men can not abstain from sex for nine good months, but on the other hand i think the foetus needs sperm to swim in the mother’s stomach. Therefore i do not oppose the idea of having sex during pregnancy.

  10. achor

    can i still have sex a few days after ovulation since we had sex during the ovulation time and believed my wife has conceived?


    Sure you can, if your wife conceived sex won’t hurt the baby, especially in such an early stage.

  12. Chemist

    Still, some couples experience difficulty becoming intimate during pregnancy. The most sensible way is of course, to take your partner with you to the doctor and let your doctor assure your husband that sex during pregnancy is very safe. (As long as you have a normal pregnancy that is not high risk) You partner will not damage the baby.

  13. Graham

    The comment of Adewale Adebambo is inaccurate (22 August, 2009, 13:21), sperm will not enter the uterus once the uterus closes (cervix is plugged) which happens at the start of pregnancy. The uterus becomes sealed off from the vagina; this is is how it is that the baby can be suspended in fluid that accumulates in the uterus, floating in it until the ‘waters break’ at commencement of labour (leading to birth).
    So during pregnancy a baby has no chance of sperm from the vagina swimming into these fluids that surround it.

  14. BT

    I thought the comment from AA was a joke. A woman can get infections from sperm in her vagina and have to take supositories. When this is all going on, I’m not that interested in giving her oral pleasure and taking her to um,.. A magic carpet. But other than that I’m more than happy to please her. Yeah, the last few weeks will induce labor so be careful. If beyond the date the Doc will encourage intimacy to induce labor. Do it in the morning not in the middle of the night. Good luck.

  15. elizabeth Jones

    All sex is great.. come on we all know that,  I think it is good and healthyBy the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions here is the topic about this:

  16. Sanjay

    Sex during the pregnancy is not harmful but its should be some cautitious. Don’t try too excited during this period and be relaxely.

  17. Adnan

    This is my second marriage and both got pregnant.The second one is 12 years younger than the first one.First had twins in her belly so it was very difficult to have sex after some weeks but not in this case.

  18. Elham

    Dear Daria

    Hi, i enjoyed reading this topic. It was so helpful. But some midvives recommend moms to be to have sex and orgasm in last weeks of pregnancy for easier labor? Is is scientific?

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