Men’s Excuses to Avoid Sex

We are used to think that only women avoid such a pleasurable activity as sex. In fact, it is not so – guys, too, can not be in the romantic mood. A recent poll showed what excuses they often use to avoid sex.


1. Too Tired after Work

The majority of men refer to a busy day. No wonder they dream of only one thing – leaping into bed, immediately turning to the wall and falling asleep.

2. Bad Weather

It is a reasonable analogue of the female cult excuse – “headache”. Men are said to have a headache for a reason – and it’s because of bad weather.

3. Walk the Dog

Household chores are tiresome for men. But when it comes to his beloved pet, the guy can be seriously carried away with its physiological needs, not his own.

4. Video Game Addiction

If your boyfriend starts playing Call of Duty, you need to either forget about him forever, or to take good care of him. For example, hide the cable from his computer and tie the BF to the headboard in the middle of the night. Joke.

5. Stomach Heaviness after Dinner

This can be fixed by a change of the menu or meal time, but if the guy keeps saying it over and over, then it’s time to see a doctor.


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