Angelina Jolie & Prad Pitt to Adopt Another Kid

Angelina Jolie has not had enough time to recover from mastectomy, but the network has already begun to discuss her plans for the expansion of the family. According to rumors, Angie and Brad Pitt want to adopt and give birth to more children.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The rumors are different, and they are based on the materials of The Sun tabloid. Report goes that four-year girl Leah is one of the candidates for the adoption by Jolie and Pitt. Her whole family died during the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. The insiders say that before adoption the actress wants to bring the girl to their house, introduce her to the others and see how comfortable Leah feels in a new environment. Finally, Jolie plans to settle all the formalities by the end of this year.

Leah’s preliminary trip to the United States is insisted by the lawyers dealing with the girl’s adoption. It is important to know that the child will be able to adjust to the new location.

According to another version, Angelina has become a frequent visitor to Jordan, where she takes part in the UN ambassador mission aimed at fighting for the rights of Syrian refugees. It turns out that the actress is going to adopt a Syrian child to get him out of the heavy conditions. According to “a close friend of the actress,” Jolie is ready to seek help from the Queen of Jordan to have the adoption procedure completed in the shortest possible time.

In addition, the insiders claim that Angelina and Brad are planning to have another child. The good news is that mastectomy does not affect the women’s reproductive function.

The couple is now raising six children: three biological children (Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne) and three adopted ones (Maddox, Pax and Zahara). And they still cannot have a wedding ceremony, which is so desired by their children.