Blake Lively & Coco Rocha Announce Pregnancy

Blake Lively and Coco Rocha have reported that they expect a baby to be born in their families in the coming year. Blake has even confirmed the news with her first “pregnant” photo, and Coco announced the news to all her fans via Instagram.


In the September issue of Marie Claire (US), Blake Lively literally prophesied her pregnancy. She told the reporter that, if possible, she would give birth to as many babies as she wanted. Blake seems to have started carrying out her dream. This is Lively’s first pregnancy. The model and actress is married to Ryan Reynolds.

It is also the first time Coco Rocha is in the family way. She could not keep her joy to herself and wrote in her Instagram that they were in absolute awe and delight to have a baby after 4 years of marriage. The baby will be born in the spring of 2015. Model Coco also mentioned in the social networks on Monday that her husband, artist James Conran, was happy to learn the news.