Brooklyn Decker to Adopt a Special Needs Child

Brooklyn Decker has already decided what family she wants to have in future. The 25-year-old actress-model is going to adopt a special needs child.

Brooklyn Decker

This deed was inspired by her beloved aunt, who is a member of Special Olympics World Games, created for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Brooklyn told the Canadian Flare magazine in a fresh interview that she wants to adopt a mentally retarded child one day. She admits that it will not happen soon, it is rather a long term perspective. The actress says it has always been her goal. Unfortunately, there are many children with mental disabilities in need of adoption after birth because their parents abandon them.

The actress and her husband, tennis player Andy Roddick, want to give birth to their own biological children. They have celebrated their third wedding anniversary this month. Brooklyn is sure that she will be able to combine family and career, which is more than successful, by the way: no sooner had Decker and Rihanna traveled around the world with the premiere of the “Battleship” movie, as the premiere of another of her motion pictures “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” was scheduled in world movie theaters for May 17.