Celebrity Babies

Celebrities are the new royalty. They have even received the same deity status that some monarchs demanded. But these mortal gods are now having plenty of babies. Baby gods?! Well, that is most probably the question that has resulted in the interest in their babies. We mortals want to know everything about these godly children.

This is one the pitfalls of fame. The lack of privacy. But the celebrity babies didn’t choose the parents they were born to. So should they be forced to suffer their parent’s success?

Celebrity Parent And Their Babies

Although most tabloids would pay top dollar for exclusive pics of the newborn babies some celebrities are choosing to keep their children out of the public eye. These celebrities include Tori Spelling and Zoe Saldana. The two are using every possible method to keep their babies pics out of the press. There are many other popular people that have resorted to hiding the faces of their babies in photos.

However, there are some celebrity parents that do not hesitate to use their kids to get publicity. Which is very understandable considering that once the camera forgets you, your career is over. So it is just a matter of getting the kids involved in maintaining their fabulous lives. The matter is a moral gray area like online gambling. Although there have some obvious ills, real money online casinos have very visible benefits. Visit https://www.casinoaus.com/ for more information. This makes determining the way to go a very personal choice. All that the community can do is to make sure that the kid’s rights are not violated.

Why Keep The Kids Identity A Secret

So that they can grow up and become billionaire vigilant crime fighters like Bruce Wayne or Oliver Queen. Not really. It gives the kids a chance to select for themselves whether they want to be public figures or not. But somehow we strongly think that fate has already made that decision for them by giving them celebrity parents.