Charlize Theron to Become a Single Mother

Charlize Theron has recently revealed that she is tired of looking for the perfect mate. The lady has decided to first of all have a child. Charlize has repeatedly acknowledged that he wants a child, and she is going to carry out her plans in the nearest future.

Celebrity Charlize Theron

When the reporters asked her whether she considered the question of adoption, she said she was open to everything new in her life, so she could try. Theron had always responded positively to the question of adopting a child and having the status of a single mother.

The celebrity confessed that there are a lot of abandoned kids on the planet, so the task of the stars is to take care of them. Adopting children is now a very popular phenomenon among celebrities. The list of single mothers, who have decided that it is easier to raise their children alone, includes Sandra Bullock, Denise Richards, Madonna, and Cheryl Cole. Perhaps, Charlize Theron will soon join them. The actress was left completely alone after breaking up with Stuart Townsend in January last year.

In summer, Theron had a romance with Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson’s ex-husband. The relationship had lasted for only two months, and the couple had to separate in August. The lady was just exhausted from loneliness. The actress even exclaimed at a talk show that she was alone and she needed a man. However, being together with Townsend, Charlize was not too eager to gain the status of a mother and explained it with the fact that the time had not come yet. Now the star has realized that the biological clock is ticking very actively, and the decent contender for the role of the father is still missing.

Source of the image: Radaronline.