These Famous Men Had Children No-One Knew about

Nowadays we are hardly surprised by anything rich people can do – and do. The news of one celeb having a fresh affair is replaced by an almost identical piece of news about another celeb, news about children born in an extramarital relationship included. This is all routine. What can still be surprising is the fact that some of these famous men go on believing they can keep their sexual adventures (and ensuring kids) secret for a long time. Social media has become so permeating and probing that to keep such things wrapped up and out of sight is something unfathomable.

The one chance male celebrities have of keeping their accidental child secret is if the kid’s mother agrees that nobody must know about their existence. Yet there is good money behind revelations, and the temptation runs strong to give the info away. What can be easier than to announce the parenthood via Tweeter and snatch a lot of money for that, leaving the dad to own up or deny – whatever course he deems best?

Are there many famous men who are still hiding their children (or trying and failing to) from the world’s eye? There ought to be much more than you find here, with a great variety of situations behind fathering. All these musicians, actors, athletes just can’t seem to stop making kids all over the country. While some have to face the situation at once and hurry to take measures to conceal it – or deny, others may not know anything about it until the child has been born. Here are some notorious cases, see if these famous fathers can still surprise or shock you.

Flo Rida

As TMZ informs, Flo Rida is a father to a boy whom he begot with a woman by name of Alexis Adams. She then filed documents in court, a positive paternity test included, fully proving Flo Rida’s parenthood. According to Adams, Flo Rida neglected his son, Zohar Paxton, who unfortunately has hydrocephalus (a condition, typical for children, when there is too much fluid in the brain – it can lead to permanent brain damage. The head looks disproportionally large.)

Flo Rida didn’t seem to be in a hurry to acknowledge the results of the paternity test, but it is just a matter of time. Now that the cat is out of the bag, he can at least own up, step in, and ensure payment for the medical treatment of his son’s health issues.

Jude Law

Jude Law has had many women in his life and, not surprisingly, many children. One of them is a girl called Sophia Law who is going to turn 8 soon. Most of these eight years she didn’t see her father – an omission that Jude may want to rectify some time soon.

When Law was doing his first movie about Sherlock Holmes in New Jersey back in 2008 he met Samantha Burke, a Hooters waitress, and took her along on a pleasant weekend. Burke didn’t expect that anything would come of it at the time, but she bore a daughter with whom she resides in Florida now.

There had been a paternity test and the girl turned out to be Jude’s own daughter. Now the actor pays out a monthly allowance of $6,000 for schooling, medical treatment, and general child support until his daughter comes of age. What with his many kids, he didn’t refuse to support his child and maybe he will even try to see her a bit more often in the future than he does now.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is famous, inter alia, for his excellent jokes, which most people remember through the years. Probably one of the jokes in his life, and not so funny when all is said and done, was when he was approached by one Dina Norris in 1991 and told that she was his daughter born back in 1962. It happened out of the blue. Norris was thunderstruck, as he recalls the incident in his book Against All Odds: My Story.

At the beginning of the 1960s Norris was married to his first wife – and cheating around, so he wasn’t very happy to have been reminded about that phase in his life. Now he closed the door on his past, he has a stable family with another woman who gave birth to their children. But this doesn’t mean that your old sins won’t find you out!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The latest news about Arnold Schwarzenegger was related to his dispute with President Trump concerning the running of The Apprentice TV program after Trump quit it. But it is a mere whiffle against the storm Schwarzenegger had to weather after it became known that he had laid his housekeeper and had had a son born to him.

Among the stories of love children circulating about Hollywood Schwarzenegger managed to come out on top with the tale of how the Governor of California engaged Mildred Baena, his housekeeper, in a hot love affair which culminated in her getting pregnant. As soon as it was out, the Governor’s wife, Maria Shriver, started divorce proceedings.

Now Joseph Baena had grown and is an image of his famous father. Although they do not maintain a regular relationship, Arnold, who has quit politics since and returned to acting, provides financial support.

Gavin Rossdale

There was a period in his life when Gavin Rossdale was sitting pretty on the very top and in with all women worldwide as the voice of the Bush band. He was in a relationship with another famous singer, Gwen Stefani. And he fathered a child – but not with Stefani; the mother of the child was somebody called Pearl Lowe.

The woman Lowe seemed to have been Rossdale’s on and off lover through a number of years in the 1980s. She gave birth to a girl, Daisy, but the singer knew nothing of her existence until she turned 15. Then the whole story came out and became one of the reasons behind his divorce.

Now the layout is as follows: his daughter Daisy is a fashion model, his ex-wife Gwen Stefani gained further fame on The Voice show and working with Blake Shelton. As for Rossdale, his star seems to have faded into obscurity.

Eddie Murphy

Smiles light up faces when people hear the name of Eddie Murphy, and the titles like Saturday Night Live, Shrek, and Beverly Hills Cop cross the mind instantly. Did Murphy himself laugh when he learned he was a father? His date then was no-one other but Melanie B, the former Scary Spice, and they became so close that she got pregnant with Murphy’s child.

Supposedly Murphy didn’t laugh at that because he never mentions the boy; while it is a proven fact that it is his child, there is no telling whether the actor sees him on a regular basis. Eight years ago court ruling was that Murphy ought to pay child support in the amount of $51,000 each month. Luckily, Murphy’s career is going strong so he can afford this sum.

Hugh Grant

Actor and producer Hugh Grant got around to expanding his family quite late in life: he was 51 in 2011 when his partner restaurant receptionist Tinglan Hong gave him his first child, daughter Tabitha, to be followed closely by son Felix a year later. Then, a few months later yet, it was revealed that Grant had another son with Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein, his one-time girlfriend.

After a while, after his half-Swedish son, John Mungo was past his one-year milestone, Grant officially acknowledged his paternity on the birth certificate issued in 2013. Happily, he is not going to turn his back on his children, but funny his starting so assiduously after he crossed to the wrong side of 50.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones has been a celebrity for more years than everyone else on this list! His singing career spans over five decades through rises and falls. One of the rises (or falls) in his private life was the meeting with model Katherine Berkery, the acquaintance that had its continuation between the sheets and resulted in the birth of a child in the late 1980s. The boy, named Jonathan Jones-Berkery, had to wait about 30 years before the singer (68 years old then) acknowledged his fatherhood.

Jones’ paternity was proved by a DNA test – but it was too late for a happy turn of events. Jonathan Berkery, who is into his 30ies, spilled that he had been so devastated by his father’s persistent refusal to claim him as his own that he turned a drug pusher who went about with a gun, without a fixed abode and slept wherever night fell upon him.


Hip-hop artist and actor Ludacris (born Christopher Brian Bridges) added recently to his fame by appearing in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. For the last 8 years, he has been dating model Eudoxie with whom he had breaks. During one of these, he had a love child on the side which he confessed in 2014. The good thing was that his confession hadn’t led to a break-up with Eudoxie, they are still together.

The other side of the coin is Ludacris’s behavior in court. Having acknowledged to his fatherhood, he proceeded to claim that his income comes up to a monthly average of $25,842.41. That puts his support payment at the monthly sum of $1,754.66. That sounds too little for Ludacris who must surely be earning more – let’s hope he will correct himself and settle for a more realistic sum.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is another guy who is not above fathering a child outside of a relationship. At the beginning of 2015, he said that the year before he had had a child with his long-standing friend, Nia Guzman, a video model. It put an abrupt end to his then-current relationship with Karrueche Tran, an aspiring model, who tweeted that she wasn’t going to put up with Brown’s infidelity and wished him all the luck with his family, while she wanted no truck with the state of things.

Things got dramatic with “his family,” too. Brown and Guzman, who used to be close friends, got involved in court disputes over child custody in 2016. At the time Brown was trying to cope with drug addiction and other suchlike issues, and the mother tried to limit his custody involvement. The judge didn’t see it her way and allowed for Brown’s joint custody opposing the woman’s further attempts to exclude the father. The two are still at war and keep jabbing at one another in public.

Eric Clapton

The guitar wizard was married to Patti Boyd in 1985 when he got embroiled in a love affair with a recording studio manager Yvonne Kelly who was also a married woman. The Air studio was located on the island of Montserrat where Clapton happened to be making an album. The result of that union was a little girl named Ruth whose existence remained a secret for six years. Nevertheless, Clapton took part in his daughter’s life from her birth.

The truth came out in the year 1991, a tragic year for Clapton whose son Conor fell accidentally out of his New York apartment window. Ruth attended her half-brother’s funeral holding her father by the hand, and though nobody knew who she was, people figured out the relationship between the two. Ruth says there wasn’t any secrecy about her birth, it was just her father’s unwillingness to discuss his private life and its complexity at the time.


DMX, or Earl Simmons, is a rapper and producer who also goes in for acting. Last year he and his current girlfriend welcomed a son whom they named Exodus Simmons, their first, weighing over 6 pounds. Isn’t that nice? Yes, it is, or no, it isn’t – according to the way you look at it. For Exodus is DMX’s fifteenth kid.

As famous dads who have under-wrap children go, DMX knows all there is to know. Five out of his previous 14 kids were born on the wrong side of the blanket, and his child support checks run to $1.20 million and more. His decade-long marriage broke up after his ex, Tashera Simmons, learned about his numerous extramarital affairs with four children delivered by four other women. It really seems that Romeo in him must die sometime, and Party Up (In Here) had better be over.