Kate Middleton Looks Older after Giving Birth

Duchess’ recent shopping in the Zara Home goods store has become a reason to discuss the changes in her appearance.


The shop assistants from this store told the People magazine that they had been warned about Kate Middleton’s visit in advance. She came to select a gift. It is difficult to guess who was supposed to get that gift because Kate made ​​an unexpected choice and bought dishes with a picture of parrots ($ 48 for each).


But it was not the fact that drew the shop assistants’ attention. They noted that the Duchess looked absolutely unlike the way she looks in glossy magazines. Some of them even said that Kate had no makeup, though a photo of her leaving the shop does not confirm this opinion.


The journalists picked up the theme. Indeed, Kate has changed. Motherhood and constant worrying for the baby made ​​her more concerned, the lines of her facial features have become sharper, and her smile is less carefree on the photos. However, the journalists should not expect anything else from a lactating woman, who must wake up several times during the night to feed the baby.