Kylie Minogue Can’t Get Pregnant

In March, this petite Australian is going to present the 12th studio album, but according to the 45-year-old singer, the success of this album takes only the second position in the “rating” of her most cherished dreams. The actress wants to find marital bliss most of all and become an exemplary wife and mother.


In an interview with The Sun, Kylie Minogue admitted that she no longer hoped to give birth to her own baby.

Over the past year, everything has changed very much for her, and unfortunately, the singer can hardly become a mother.

Following the example of many star colleagues, the singer wants to adopt a child from an orphanage. She is planning to realize this idea during the next few years.

Another problem of 45-year-old Minogue is the lack of a life partner.

Kylie says it would be nice to find a “soul mate”, but she does not expect that her expectations will come true. After forty years of age, life takes a completely different direction, and when the singer looks at her reflection in the mirror in the morning, she admits she sees a not very joyful picture. Besides, she has recently broken up with her ​​boyfriend.

Kylie Minogue and male model Andreas Velencoso separated in October last year. They had lived together for five years and had planned to get married, but the 45-year-old singer failed to do this. The former lovers did not inform the journalists about the reason of their relationship collapse, but it goes that Andreas left Kylie because of the big age difference (he’s much younger than Kylie). Minogue speaks with warmth about her ex-boyfriend, although she does not deny that this separation was a tough decision to make, and now she is looking for another candidate to become the father of her future foster child.

Kylie Minogue first demonstrated her maternal instinct in 2010, when the singer was completely cured of breast cancer. She says she has always loved children, but she felt how much she wanted to become a mother only after getting rid of the disease.

The singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Minogue went through chemotherapy and underwent a surgery.

Four years ago, the singer said her weight had reduced to 38 kilos, she had lost luxurious hair and gained a gray complexion, but it’s nothing compared to the fact that she was cured.