Older Celebrity New Moms

While it is customary for an American woman to have a baby in the earliest period of her adult life, it is often not so with celebrities. Actually, for a female celeb it’s not unheard-of to have her first baby (or pregnancy) after she turns 40. It is not quite the best bet from the medical viewpoint, as such pregnancies are considered to be more risky. Yet there are a number of celebs who became moms after 40 and are quite happy about it. Want some examples?

1. Mariah Carey

Singer Mariah Carey

Here is a hot celeb who waited until late in life to have babies. Carey’s love life burgeoned back in 2008 with her marriage to Nick Cannon of Nickelodeon. She was 41 when she got pregnant with their wonderful twins, Moroccan Scott and Monroe Cannon, who saw the light of day on April 30, 2011. Cannon is already looking forward to having genius kids with Ph.D. to their credit!

2. Nicole Kidman

Living with her former husband Tom Cruise, Kidman became a parent to two adopted children, but she had no kids of her own until she got divorced and re-married Keith Urban in the summer of 2006. In two years, at the age of 41, she became a mom to their girl Sunday Rose, followed by a second girl, Margaret Faith, in another two years. Now the girls are 6 and 4 years old respectively.

3. Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross had always wanted to be a mom, but she had her wish granted only when she turned 45. After she married Tom Mahoney, she decided to undergo an in vitro procedure which went off successfully endowing them with twins. The two girls, Eaden and Savannah, were born Feb. 20, 2007. Discussing the happy event, Cross told People that it was much better than she had imagined! She added that there might be other children further on.

4. Salma Hayek

The first kid for Hayek came as late as the age 41, after the Mexican-origin actress gave out about her pregnancy in early spring 2007. In the fall of that year she and her fiancé, François Henri Pinault, welcomed their first child together, a girl whom they named Valentina Paloma Pinault. (She is the third child for her father who had two children with his ex-wife.)

5. Mary Stewart Masterson

The actress has been married three times, but her first two marriages failed to produce offspring. Only with her third husband, a colleague actor Jeremy Davidson, Masterson conceived and was successfully delivered of a boy – it transpired in the fall of 2009 when the Hollywood star was 43. Two years after, she was pregnant again, and this time the couple had twins, coming at the age of 45!

6. Jane Kaczmarek

For the Malcolm in the Middle star the wait was probably the longest of all – her first child came around only in 2004, when the new mother was 47! Her first birthgiving spun itself into quite a story as the actress had been having a hip problem that made her pregnancy excruciating. According to her, she put on 70 lbs during the pregnancy. Right after she gave birth to Mary Louisa, Kaczmarek resumed her work on the hit sitcom and only after that was able to take care of her hip – she underwent a hip replacement surgery. The actress says she feels young for all that!

7. Halle Berry

Halle Berry with daughter Nahla
Berry looked stunning at her 40s, both before and after giving birth. Her first pregnancy came in 2008 when she turned 41, and she had daughter Nahla with her then-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. At the time the news of her late pregnancy came as somewhat of a shock. Nevertheless, last November Berry did it again, presenting her husband Oliver Martinez with her second baby (she was 46 years old!) in spite of saying before that she was not planning on conceiving another baby.

Heightened risk or not, these celebs showed that 41 (and even a little older) is quite the age to give birth to babies. Maybe the fear to have babies as late as that is nothing more than a misconception? So, if you’re in your late 30s and are priming yourself for your first baby, get ready for the great event at 41! Those who had their first ones after 40, express your opinions on that, will you?