2 Cool And Fast Meals For Your Kid’s Breakfast

It is estimated that approximately eight to twelve percent of children all over the world skip breakfast. By the time they become teens, twenty to thirty percent of them will have given up the meal altogether.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who eat breakfast have a lower tendency to consume fat all throughout the day. Traditionally, breakfast is a meal rich in fiber, whether it consists of fruit or even cereal. Fiber keeps kids full for an extended amount of time, therefore ensuring that they do not binge on an unhealthy snack or meal by noon.

Why do kids skip breakfast?

Children of all ages manage to go without this important meal of the day. One of the probable causes is that the parents aren’t paying attention because they’re in a hurry and have to get to their workplace as quickly as possible. One of the growing concerns when it comes to the health of young girls especially is that they compare their bodies to those they see on display in magazines and online.

It stands to reason that this practice can be at the root of conditions such as anorexia or bulimia. What’s more, many children have a hard time sleeping, especially if they have part-time jobs, a lot of homework, or are simply inclined to fall asleep a bit later at night. The National Sleep Foundation claims that it is normal for a teen to doze off at about 11 pm, which means that they are left with seven to eight hours of sleep instead of a full eight hours.

The temptation of spending fifteen extra minutes in bed instead of eating breakfast is unimaginable. We’ve all been there and know how it feels.

2 great meals for your kid’s breakfast

If you are feeling concerned about the daily caloric intake of your child and his or her eating habits, perhaps you should check out the following two meals we’ve listed below. They’re convenient and delicious, and they won’t take up too much of your time.

Fruit salad and a bit of maple syrup or honey

While for some, this type of breakfast might seem unappealing, the fact of the matter is that the mornings are the best times to consume sugar. Most fruits are jam-packed with fiber, too, and so they can ensure that the kid has an adequate energy level for several hours. By the time lunchtime comes around, the child won’t feel starved, and therefore, won’t feel as tempted to eat something unhealthy.

Make yogurt fun

Whether you prefer the traditional alternative or would much rather opt for one made from soy, beans, almond, rice, or anything else, the fact is that yogurt beats any other type of drink. These days, you can even use an amazing product to create frozen yogurt, for which you’d have to spend about ten to twelve dollars at a store. There are appliances that can help you maintain a yogurt culture for as long as possible. Besides, some gadgets will allow you to enjoy a fresh cup in the morning as they went about the fermentation process overnight. Yogurt is rich in probiotics, most of which are actively capable of preventing disease.