Grandparents Make Kids Obese

British researchers discovered that grandparents have a detrimental effect on their grandchildren’s waist. It turns out that children quickly gain weight when they are too pampered.


Grandparents love to yield to their loved grandchildren’s desires and feed them beyond measure, as established by the researchers from the University of Birmingham. This, in turn, increases the risk of childhood obesity. This behavior of elderly people has several reasons, including their own not too happy childhood, poor understanding of the importance of proper nutrition in childhood and elementary ignorance of the problems and causes of childhood obesity.

The researchers found that when parents drive their children to the grandparents, these children are significantly more likely to consume unhealthy foods and drinks.

According to the study co-author Bai Li, the research showed a significant contribution of grandparents to childhood obesity. Many older people sincerely believe that overweight children are healthy children and that obesity-related illnesses occur only in adulthood. They compare their grandchildren to friends’ grandchildren, but do not seek professional opinion. As a result, children are faced with constant overeating; they do not perform some household duties, and this aggravates their sedentary lifestyle. Here we have a vivid example of how love for grandchildren can be harmful.

Researchers consider it necessary to explain to the elderly that it is important to support grandchildren’s physical activity and healthy eating. However, it is not clear who has to deal with this educational work.