How to Stop Overeating in Kids?

How to influence your child and encourage him/her to maintain a healthy lifestyle? You need to change your child’s attitude to overeating before it’s too late.


Expert opinion

Supervising children is good, but it is much better to love them. And in the name of love, if you know that your son or daughter is likely to be overweight, you need to think whom your heir takes as the role model. Do you keep the rules that you want the child to follow?

What to do with a sweet tooth

There is no need to make the child keep to a strict diet and prevent him/her from eating. In this case, the parents put themselves in the position of a jailer in the child’s eyes. If you have to admit that your offspring has exhausted the sweet reserves, encourage your child to dance to the favorite music, make a forced walk and do exercises together instead of swearing and instructing him/her. When physical activity occurs one or two hours before bedtime, the body will keep burning calories even during sleep for an hour or two.

How to cheat hunger

You can teach your child how to cheat hunger: if you want to eat, it is necessary to slowly sip a glass of plain water or a cup of green tea, take a warm bath, make a mini-massage, using aromatherapy. To do the massage, you need to press the point between the nose and the upper lip with the pad of your middle or forefinger for one or two minutes. Smells of roses, vanilla, banana, lavender, and peppermint act on certain areas of the brain, deceive the receptors and remove the feeling of hunger.

Use fitball

Fitball has gained recognition as a useful item for home exercises. We are talking about the big beautiful ball. Your toddler can sit on it and watch TV. To keep the balance, the work of small muscles is needed – anyway, it is some kind of a physical exercise.