Post-Pregnancy Confidence: Learning to Love Your New Shape

This post was written by Vanna Belt, founder of the Vanna Belt range of products made specifically to help new moms start a healthy living regimen after having a baby.

Getting your confidence back after giving birth is about more than losing “baby weight.” Your body just went through a complete transformation and needs time to regain balance. The trick to becoming comfortable in your own skin is to establish a routine of healthy habits as soon as possible.


Rest Up

Your first job as a new mom is to give your body the time it needs to rest and repair itself. Don’t be afraid to call up family members and ask for help with chores, grocery shopping and other daily tasks.

Dedicate as much time to sleeping as you can, even if it means taking naps during the day. The more adequate your rest, the better you’ll feel.

Mind Your Mental State

Resting also helps to balance your mind after pregnancy when you’re bound to experience at least some hormone-related swings in mood.

Beat the blues with outdoor walks and coffee dates with friends.


Set aside special time to spend with your spouse so that you stay connected in the midst of the whirlwind of life with a new baby. Through it all, be mindful of how you feel. If you can’t shake feelings of sadness, guilt or despair, you may be suffering from postpartum depression and should discuss it with your doctor.

Ease Into Fitness

Your joints and muscles won’t be ready for a hardcore workout for several weeks after giving birth. Your doctor can tell you when you can return to exercising.

In the meantime, focus on gentle movements that help restore core strength, range of motion and muscle tone. As you get stronger and your body becomes more stable, you can begin to incorporate some higher-impact cardio sessions and strength training with heavier weights.

If you have stretch marks you can start erasing them by applying Gel-V up to three times per day depending on the severity of your marks.


Gel-V is a multi-purpose topical gel used by many new mothers to eradicate stretch marks and tighten loose belly skin after having a baby.

Eat Clean

A healthy diet after pregnancy supports increased energy levels and ensures that your breast milk is free from “junk” found in processed foods.


Fill your plate with vegetables and fruit, replace refined grains with whole ones and bump up your intake of nuts and legumes. These foods deliver a whole spectrum of beneficial nutrients that support total health, and you should find that you begin to lose weight without “going on a diet.”

Get Real

There will still be days when you don’t feel comfortable with your body. When those feelings strike, hop online and look at pictures that real women, not models, share of their postpartum bodies.

Let their confidence give you a boost as you remind yourself that the changes in your shape happened for a reason: to support a healthy baby during and after pregnancy.

Above all, remember that your body isn’t what defines you. You still have all the skills and talents that you’ve always had, and you’ll continue to expand your horizons as you adjust to being a mom. Spend time each day being thankful for what you’ve been blessed with, and let that positive mindset help you learn to love every aspect of yourself.

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