Spicing Up Your Chicken And Dumplings

There is simply no denying that chicken and dumplings alone are a great dish. It is one that will not only sustain you for hours and hours, but it is one that will be healthier and more fulfilling than most other traditional dishes. That being said, chicken and dumplings is a time-old tradition that has just gotten old over the years. This is completely understandable. With all the new delectable dishes available today, who wants to waste their time and effort whipping up something from the past? Well, you can bring new life back into your chicken and dumplings recipes when you choose to pair them with the right side dishes. While the dish is amazing and enough on its own, pairing it with certain other dishes will make consuming it all that more enticing and exciting. In fact, it might be like a whole new experience.

A Green Salad

Chicken and dumplings are pretty healthy on their own when made with the right ingredients. However, pair it with a crisp green garden salad and you’ll do wonder for your diet, health, or weight loss efforts. Chicken and dumplings are a thick and creamy dish and that is why it pairs so well with a little crispness. A fresh, crisp garden salad will do the trick nicely.


Being that chicken and dumplings are so creamy there is nothing more decadent and delectable to soak them up with than cornbread. A good piece of warm cornbread paired with a bowl of mild chicken and dumplings will go a long way.

Fresh And Tender Broccoli

Yes, it is true that most people don’t like broccoli and want to stay away from it at all costs. Well, that is likely because they haven’t tried fresh and tender broccoli. This is an entirely different experience and can impress even the pickiest of eaters. The best thing about this side dish is that you can serve it by itself or you can mix it right in with the chicken and dumplings recipe – just click here to explore great ideas and inspirations. Regardless of the situation, it is a great way to sneak in a serving of fresh veggies that’ll keep you healthy and sustained.

Creamed Corn

There is never such a thing as too much cream. You already have your creamy chicken and dumplings, but who’s to say that you can’t add another creamy side dish to make things even more exciting and creamy? No one and this is exactly where creamed corn comes in handy. Creamed corn is sweet and creamy and will offer that kind fulfilling goodness that you need in an exciting side dish.

Fresh Coleslaw

Want to add a nice crunch to that creamy dish? This is exactly where fresh coleslaw will come in handy. A bite of creamy goodness mixed with the rough and cool texture of coleslaw and your taste buds will be in food heaven for the next 10 to 15 seconds of chewing. The great thing about these two dishes also is that they are exact opposites. One is hot and warm, while the other is cool and crispy, but it is there distinct differences that make then pair so well together.