Why Do Married Women Start Gaining Weight?

Recently, the scientists have reported that marriage plays the role of a serious factor in the problem of excess weight in women. Why is this happening?


1. Changing dietary habits

There are several reasons why women begin to gain extra pounds and centimeters with the beginning of their married life. Some experts believe that women are more likely to adapt to the eating habits of the partner. Experts say that together with her husband, a woman may unconsciously start eating more.

If before marriage a woman can sustain on a salad of carrots and apples and replace dinner in such a way, the husband is unlikely to like this menu. So she often prepares meat dishes, side dishes and salads; she often eats them as it is difficult to control each piece in such a situation.

2. Laziness and lack of time

Lack of time to prepare healthy meals, or just pure laziness, is one of the reasons why excess weight, gained during pregnancy and breastfeeding, cannot be got rid of. It is estimated that the families with children eat more fat: on average, they consume extra 35 grams of fat per week. It mainly occurs due to the fact that parents are busy, and the family often uses half-prepared products to cook.

3. Women eat the remains of their kids’ servings

Women often eat what the child leaves on a plate, but do not consider it to be food. During the day, they can eat additional 300-400 kcal. If you do not want to gain weight, get rid of the habit of eating up the servings of your nearest people.

4. Holidays with food

Someone may enjoy having a rest with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, but the problem is that tea is often accompanied by candies, and wine comes with cheese, crackers and sweet fruits. Such moments of rest, when you stay in front of the TV-set or with a book in your hands, are particularly dangerous for the figure.

5. Lack of time for sports

Many women think that it is necessary to designate time for exercises, and they do not have it. But the lack of time for themselves is just a pretext! There are different ways to include physical activity into the normal day routine. And every mom can do it, even if she has twins. For example, to abandon the elevator and walk the stairs or walk more instead of taking a bus.