20 Indications That You Are Ready for Babies & Family

Are you sure you’re not thinking baby yet? Whatever your reasons are, check out these 20 signs, smile and give a thought to enlarging your family – what if it is the good time for it?

The desire to have a baby can be burning hot from the very start of your relationship with the right man, or it may creep up on you stealthily while you are making other life plans! Or you may be of those who have to adjust their minds to the idea over a period of time. Anyway, your subconscious may have been sending you signals for a while with you unaware – see if it is so. Here are some things that may be happening…

  1. Wherever you go you run into a baby. It’s not quite true, of course, but you begin to pay attention and register where you didn’t notice it before.
  2. You are burned up that you gave the pet the name you like best. Now you cannot give it to the baby, that would be too weird for words. What a waste of a wonderful name!
  3. When out alone, you stop by a maternity store where you are itching to give some items a try. Just for fun. To see how well they would look on you. And making a few selfies when trying on the strap-on bump to be sent to your best friend or the partner.
  4. There’s that stroller you liked best, and suddenly you see someone else using one. You feel pangs of jealousy. Why it isn’t you??? You really ought to have bought it there and then, and it doesn’t matter that you don’t need it right now.
  5. Your sensitivity as related to your female organs has increased greatly. You can almost know when you are about to ovulate. Yes, here it goes…
  6. You went and joined a Pinterest nursery board (and told nobody that you did!). Sometimes you fall deep into thought considering whether sheepskin and teepees will be here when you have the need for them.
  7. You caused a stir when you broached the subject about circumcision during dinner at a party. All of a sudden you felt you wanted to know the people’s opinions on that!
  8. You find you can go through the motions all right after a bad night’s sleep. Consider this as a kind of training – you will be doing just this for several years after the bundle of joy arrives.
  9. Any time you are shopping you feel a strong pull to go into the baby section. You keep hoping you will see something so cute that everyone would agree you couldn’t pass it by and understand why you dropped it into the cart.
  10. So far going about in yoga pants and worn-out crumpled T-shirts for weeks on end seemed to be the worst outfit ever. Now it begins to dawn on you that for about nine months you can get to wearing anything which is comfortable.
  11. Your periods come on time, yet you go and get home pregnancy tests. Let them be at hand, you tell yourself: what if I have no strength to get out to the drugstore when I feel the need for running a test?
  12. The dog barfs on a clean fresh blanket, and it sets you wondering whether it is in good health. The stronger your wish to rush it to the vet, the higher the level of your readiness – so don’t fuss, it’s not about the doggie.
  13. You begin to evince a profound interest in the folic acid content of each dish set before you. Maybe vegetables do taste better than you think? What about looking for recipes with greens?
  14. You have questioned your mom in detail about how her labor and delivery went off. Now you are troubled by the question how much the situation has changed during the last decades.
  15. You begin asking Google things like “how bad can caffeine be for the fetus?” The amount of coffee you drink suddenly brings on the feeling of anxiety.
  16. When you look into the mirror, you are tempted to turn sideways and picture yourself bearing a bump. You will look gorgeous, at the very least not worth than those models…
  17. You were curious enough to learn the rankings of all the schools nearby. And preschools. Once you’ve done it, you feel calmer and surer, although you don’t quite know why.
  18. You are happy to know your bank account is growing. Yes, having children is money-consuming. About twenty thousand a year, and a good chunk off a million when they are past their college.
  19. When your friend tells you she is pregnant, you have to try hard to suppress your envy. It’s not that you are not joyous about it – only why it shouldn’t be you first?
  20. You have rehearsed several (or more) times how you will break the news to your partner. Also, you pictured his reaction. You are sure the day will become your family celebration.