Home Fertility Test for Men Trak Fertility

Unfortunately, more and more couples are faced with the grim statistics of infertility. If you failed to conceive after a year of consistent efforts, you need to start carefully monitoring your overall and reproductive health. It concerns both partners. Is it possible to do at home? As it turns out, it is. After all, there appeared the first home fertility test for men.

The ability to conceive depends both on women’s and men’s health. Women have long been able to keep track of the most “productive” and “dangerous” days for conception. However, with men, things are more complicated. It is impossible to measure the quantity and quality of semen outside of laboratory conditions. At least it used to be so. However, now everything will change, as men’s first fertility test for home use has been invented.

The high-tech gadget, Trak Fertility, promises to help thousands of couples to finally get pregnant. After all, the new product will allow men to monitor and improve the quality of sperm every day, in the comfort of your own home. It’s not difficult to use Trak Fertility. The device consists of three parts. The first one is a special test, on which you need to add a few drops of your “sample”.

The second is a small plastic centrifuge container. That’s where the test should be placed before adding the “sample”. After that, you need to close the container and press the button. This will start the system. In a few minutes, the scale on the test will stop near one of the markers: low, medium or high sperm level.

However, that’s not all. The third part of the Trak Fertility test is a special app for your smartphone. It will show a more detailed test result and explain it in detail. Moreover, based on the current situation, the application will give valuable (medical) advice on how to increase fertility. At the same time, the app contains a number of useful articles on the subject.

Trak Fertility has already passed numerous tests and went on sale. The kit price is about $ 200.