Questions All Pregnant Women Hate

There are questions that everyone is tired of because people just keep asking them! Some of these questions are even too personal. And still, expectant mothers have to answer them every day.

Are you pregnant?

This is a question colleagues like to ask. If the term is short and you have not officially announced the upcoming leave, such tactlessness infuriates. On the other hand, if everything is already obvious, what is the point to ask? No, I’m not expecting a baby, I just swallowed a watermelon! A woman feels like a walking attraction during pregnancy, so there is no need to unnerve her again.

May I touch your stomach?

Child-bearing is a sacred process, so a request to touch the stomach is perceived as an attempt to step on a clean rug with dirty boots. In addition, a woman instinctively protects the future baby from potential threats.

Look at how pregnant women walk in public places, slightly covering their tummy with a hand. It is clear that you will gently pat it rather than push, but the woman’s brain, regardless of her will, interprets the request as a possible danger. As a result, a pregnant woman will often refuse you without understanding why.

Craving for pickles?

This “original” question is asked at the beginning of pregnancy when it is still invisible. Yes, some women are attracted to pickles and consume them at an industrial pace. Some, but not all. Someone relies on oranges or chocolate, and someone eats like usual – no pineapples with herring.

If a pregnant woman has severe toxicosis, she does not want to eat at all. So there are enough options for eating behavior during this period. And if you want to be polite, take an interest in the well-being of the future mother.

How are you planning to give birth and feed?

This is a strange question – I am planning to give birth quickly and feed for a long time. Or vice versa. In general, no one really knows. Childbirth and feeding are physiological processes with many unknown factors. Even with a clear birth plan, iron will, and adequate doctors, it’s easy to get an emergency Caesarean section. You just need to remember this and never get stuck in your ideal dreams because it may be excruciatingly painful later.

Who are you expecting – a boy or a girl?

Some parents want the baby to be a real surprise, so they do not figure out the baby’s sex until birth. Although screening doctors can tell you who is hiding there as early as the twelfth week. Most expectant mothers usually know the sex of the child and even share the news happily. After all, the problem is not in the question itself – it sounds natural, but in people’s reactions to the answer. They are strange:

– How come a girl? Another girl?! And your dad must have hoped for a boy, right?

Even if you sincerely want a second daughter, for some reason you will begin to make excuses. This one is no better:

– A boy? Oh, they are giving you a hard time. It is better to have a girl, I got three of them, and it’s such a joy!

Well, who cares?!

What name have you chosen?

This question is good and correct when the baby is already born. While the baby is secretly sitting in the mother’s belly, it is not worth asking it. Even if the parents have chosen the name, it may not prove to be good. It makes no sense either to give a preliminary name.

Mom and dad still have fears: they don’t have a child yet, but they’ve already named him. No one knows what might happen. So wait for the delivery and ask (but not on the first day!).

Why is the belly so big / so small?

The future mother is focused on herself, she is focused on the child, and discussions of the abdomen are extremely painful for her. She will hear something you have never said. In any case, she will find something to bother with. A small belly means the child is not developing or something has happened to him. A large belly points to polyhydramnios or gaining too much weight.

You said and forgot about it immediately, and the pregnant woman cannot sleep at night, she is surfing the Internet and questioning the nearest people. Therefore, just do not discuss the size of the tummy, whatever you may think about it. She has a doctor for this purpose.

When are you going to have maternity leave?

Okay, they may be asking this question when you are really going to leave. But they often ask it during the fourth month. A pregnant woman is no longer taken into consideration. It seems that she is still invited to meetings, but the attitude is changing significantly. On the one hand, it’s convenient – you can mentally say goodbye to work and prepare for a meeting with the baby. But on the other hand, it’s a shame to turn into an empty place when you still have plenty of energy and plans.

Are you afraid to give birth?

Are there any options? Or maybe there are pregnant women who are not afraid of labor? It is unlikely because childbirth is a certain risk for a woman, and we consciously go through it to give life to a child. If a woman gives birth, not for the first time, she clearly knows that it is so painful, and the nine months help her prepare for the upcoming event in one way or another. Therefore, do not torment her, it is better to go to a concert or a cafe with her. Later, she will definitely lack time to do this.

And what questions irritated you most during pregnancy? Share them in the comments!