Reasons to Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Every day, social media posts and texts in a wide variety of publications reveal how difficult and terrible a pregnancy is. One can read that its glossy image from the magazines for young parents hardly meets the reality, that carrying a baby is not nine months of happiness, but nine circles of hell. And so rarely can you see stories about how great and pleasant it is to be a future mother…

However, is worth noting that pregnancy is not only problems and inconveniences, but also an opportunity to feel truly happy. Therefore, we decided to make our own list of reasons to love these unique 40 weeks.

Watching the miracle happen

Many women realize that they are waiting for a baby before the fact of pregnancy is officially confirmed – for some reason, everything changes in an instant; self-awareness and everything that happens inside and outside of one’s own body transforms. The longer the pregnancy term, the stronger is the feeling of being involved in a real miracle.

Watching how life is growing in you, how it signals to you, how it communicates with you, how it develops while you go to the grocery store, or sit in a cafe with your girlfriends is the real magic that can only happen once in your life.

Lack of menstruation

Now let’s come down to earth and admit to ourselves that one of the great benefits of carrying a baby is the absence of menstruation. This is a real holiday, a “vacation” lasting almost a year (then there is still breast-feeding and lactation amenorrhea), the opportunity to forget about this state when everything is annoying and you want to eat a bucket of French fries and climb under the blanket until the end of time.

The opportunity to learn a lot

If you attend pregnancy courses, new information will flow to you like a spring drop – loudly, joyfully, and sometimes in a discouraging way. However, you may not go anywhere, but just find out everything yourself during pregnancy, reading books about childbirth, caring for the baby, and the psychology of little children. In addition, the majority of women on maternity leave have free time to finally read a bunch of books that have been dusting on the shelf for several years; to watch a lot of new and old films; listen to podcasts and lectures about everything on earth. Do not miss such a luxurious opportunity!

The feeling of unity with the child

This is a strange feeling that is accessible only to expectant mothers: you seem to still be you, but at the same time you are not completely you anymore, someone is there with you, lurking and waiting. There may be only you in the room, but at the same time, you are not alone. The baby is always there, although you haven’t met and seen each other and do not know anything about each other. Love is already growing, as well as your belly, which is getting bigger imperceptibly, but inexorably.

A great amount of care

During the first pregnancy, everyone is interested in how you are doing, how you feel, whether it’s hard for you, and whether they should bring you an ice cream or a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes you get tired of it, but you understand that literally all the vagaries are allowed now.

During pregnancy, a special kind of new connection is established with your husband, a would-be father and the person with whom you have miraculously created this baby.

Tasty food

As we all know, the diet of pregnant women must be diverse, healthy, and nutritious at the same time. Yet, we often choose the latter, we eat cakes instead of crunchy green salads, or ice cream and grilled chicken instead of steam fish. So what! The main thing is to enjoy new flavor combinations. Don’t let them become your new habit.


Not everyone believes that pregnancy is beautiful, but in fact, it is just prejudice. Pregnancy suits most women, making them not only cute, but also really beautiful because hormones make our skin literally shine from the inside, our hair becomes thicker, and nails become stronger.


Pregnancy is often accompanied with drowsiness, but for many women, who like to nap for an hour or two in the middle of the day (on maternity leave this “in the middle of the day” can begin at nine in the morning, and even at six in the evening), it is a real pleasure. You will not let anyone object to this!


Shopping is a very interesting thing for a pregnant woman: during shopping, she can not only learn about the existence of thongs for expectant mothers but also get a variety of privileges – such as being given probes that nobody can get free; going into the fitting room without waiting in a line; the opportunity to buy oversized things and look nice in them; getting sweets or cakes as compliments from the cooks in cafes, where she decided to drop in just to use the bathroom. Do not forget about the special pleasure of buying things for the baby without being distracted by him/her.

Sense of purpose

During pregnancy, the perception of oneself in the crowd of people is aggravated. A clear sense of self-determination appears, as well as a sense that the future is ahead of you (few conditions in life give you this feeling). Whether you like it or not, you are no longer just a person, but the one who bears a representation of the next generation.