A Few Excess Pounds Lead to Depression Sooner Than Obesity

French scientists conducted a research and made a surprising conclusion: obese teenage girls are less affected by depression than the ones who have a few extra pounds.

Teenage Girl

The study reinforces the common wisdom that fat people have a positive attitude. Sense of well-being may be due to hormonal and neuroendocrine features that accompany overweight. It may also be because a person gave up fighting overweight and learned to love him/herself the way he/she is.

About 40 000 adolescents took part in the research that established a connection between body mass index and depression. The connection was relevant for both boys and girls. Nevertheless, more girls were depressed, although they were less numerous in comparison with their peers of the opposite sex. While boys associated obesity or extra pounds with depression, girls had mental problems due to being even slightly overweight.

Source of the image: Photl.