Optimistic Moms Give Birth to Healthy Children

The Health journal has published an article by Swedish doctors, where they argue that anxiety, restlessness, depression, and a poor mood in general among expectant mothers inevitably lead to the birth of a child with low body weight and a health weaker than babies born to optimistic mothers.

Smiling mother with baby

The scientists came to this conclusion after studying 700 pregnant women in the last trimester. They analyzed the state of their psyche, and then studied the state of their newborns. Experiment with each mother and baby lasted for about a year. 132 women during pregnancy experienced depression, 186 – a feeling of anxiety. As a result, out of 583 babies born in time, one in every fifth baby weighed less than two and a half kilograms.

This led doctors to conclude that children’s health depends on the psychological state of their mothers. Experts say that depression and anxiety disorders in pregnant women can be a major factor in mortality and ill health in infants – the Health journal wrote.

Source of the image: Photl.