5 Delivery Room Tips for Husbands

Delivery day is approaching fast, excitement is mounting and fussy times are ahead. Mother is usually well prepared against the occasion beforehand, but if anyone is going to accompany her into the delivery room, they should also be prepared to play their part in welcoming a new life.


It’s not always easy for a dad to arrive for the labor and delivery knowing how to behave and react to what will be going on, probably a few tips will be welcome.

1. Be around

When the woman starts on her labor, it’s important for her to have her nearest present who will be poised, collected and attentive. She needs all the support she can get, so would-be dads should be focused and avoid being remote or argumentative.

If the dad wishes to be present at the delivery and it is his first child, so everything is going to be a new experience to him, he would be well advised to read and cull information about it beforehand. You have to know what is in store for you at the delivery and many many days afterwards.

2. Be ready for adopting to circumstances

If you and your partner have worked out a plan for the important day, mind that it can all go awry when the labor begins. As a support, dads have to stay assured and at the same time ready to discuss and effect the necessary alterations according to unforeseen changes in the procedure.

3. Stay cheerful and positive

Don’t forget that you happen to be the laboring mom’s strongest support. So it’s up to you to know what to do and do it unhesitatingly and confidently. Shower the doctor and paramedics with questions, ask them for advice, suggest positively alterations to your previous plans to your struggling partner.

4. Take your camera along

It’s a great idea to commemorate the great event on video and photos – both of you are sure to want to relive it at a later date, especially the mom who didn’t see it from that angle. In your excitement you will miss a lot of small details which you will be able to recapture and discuss afterwards.

5. Add a few extra loving touches

When the child has arrived, you will both be overwhelmed, and probably for quite a while, this is a sensation that wears away pretty slowly. After the first onset of exaltation has abated a little, it’s a good time to make some lovin’ gesture. Let a couple of days pass, then get a card and write how you love your partner, or write a long letter describing your emotions, or again, if you are not one for many words, jot down a loving message on a photo.

This will be greatly appreciated and will be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

People like to be told over and over again how much they are loved and appreciated, and such gestures go a long way towards strengthening the bond between you.