C-section Babies’ Health Risks

C-section babies are more likely than others to suffer from disturbances in metabolism. These babies are distinguished by overweight or obesity in adulthood, as the experts from King’s College London have found. The risks of obesity they face are increased by 25%, as it is written in The Telegraph.


The researchers analyzed the data about over 38,000 mothers and their children. The scientists believe that C-section babies are simply deprived of beneficial bacteria that are present in the birth canal. Besides, the inevitable compression at the time of natural birth initiates important genes. It is also a common fact that C-section babies have a special intestinal microflora. Because of this, their body cannot process fat effectively.

Scientists have repeatedly proved that children born by Caesarean section increase the risk of first type diabetes and asthma. Within the scope of this recent study, the data collected in ten countries were considered. The experts estimated the body mass index of those adults who were born by Caesarean section. It turned out that the index indicators were about half a point higher than in other people.

In general, physicians agree that natural childbirth is safer, from the perspective of health risks for mother and child. So women should not think that C-section would be a simple solution. Caesarean section should be made only when there is a corresponding medical necessity.