Easy Way to Make Childbirth Less Painful

According to the expert, a woman should not think of anything or stay with the husband during labor. This will help make the delivery fast and as painless as possible.


Most women believe that childbirth is the most painful event in their life, and for many this is true. However, one expert in the field of fertility suggests that there are simple ways to overcome the pain during childbirth. First of all, you should not think about it at all.

British gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Michel Odent says that the fastest and most pleasant deliveries occur in the women, who “do not bother” about them. According to the doctor, many women think too much during labor, which makes it difficult to give birth to a child. The fact is that there is a separate part of the brain responsible for conscious thoughts, which is called the neocortex. When activated, it inhibits the primitive ability of women for the natural childbirth. This part of the brain allows us to solve math problems, speak and answer questions.

Dr. Odent says that a woman in childbirth must be protected from all possible intellectual stimulation because childbirth activates the most primitive structures of the brain. The neocortex is useful for everyday life, but in some situations, such as childbirth or having sex, we have to stop thinking.

The doctor believes this is the reason why husbands should not be admitted to a labor ward. The presence of a man nearby just prevents the woman from complete relaxation, making childbirth longer and more painful.