Gadget Enables Men to Feel Labor Pain

Doctors from China started to provide a special service – they give the husbands of laboring women the opportunity to experience labor pain. The doctors themselves point out that one should put this service into practice, as it immediately became very popular.


It is no secret that the process of childbirth is associated with considerable physical discomfort for women. However, women often face the fact that their partners do not have the proper empathy and understanding of what the future mothers have to feel. After a lot of pregnant women and mothers had complained of such insensitivity on the part of their men, it was decided in China to introduce the service “labor pain for men”.

The procedure consists in the fact that sensors conducting electrical current are attached to the body of a man in the lower abdomen. According to Chinese physicians, such technology gives future fathers the feeling similar to that experienced by women during labor. And (as it happens in women giving birth), the pain intensity increases as the nurse gradually increases the power of the electric current.

It is significant that the point, identical to the peak labor pain, is reached only by a very small number of men. They simply cannot stand it.

According to one of the men who wanted to experience the labor pain on himself, it felt like his heart and lungs were being ripped apart. It was really painful, and he found it hard to describe to the Chinese media. At the same time the nurse Lou Dezhu, who performed the procedure, said the pain still did not reflect the one that women have to experience.

Experts point out that Chinese men are traditionally excluded from the process of their children’s birth. In some hospitals, husbands are still not allowed to be present at their wife’s labor. But, as this case shows, this tradition is not supported by everyone. The doctors, who offer an unusual service of testing labor pain, believe that if men feel it, they will love their wives and take better care of them. As for the women themselves, their attitude to the innovation was even more positive. One of the patients of the hospital spoke about it not without irony. According to her, earlier men were unable to understand how hard it is to give birth to a child, and they probably thought that there was nothing special about labor.