The Importance Of Planning For Your Baby’s Due Date

Your due date, or estimated date of delivery (EDD) in medical jargon, is hopefully one of the most exciting things you will ever mark on your calendar. While some babies come much earlier and some shortly after this date, the due date is a fairly reliable gauge of when to expect the new addition to your household. Using a baby due date calculator or your doctor’s insight can give you a good idea of the expected arrival time.

To facilitate a smooth transition between your pregnancy and providing for a newborn, it is critical that you have a solid idea of your baby’s due date. While the thought of a new arrival can be exhilarating, it also implies that some serious planning and consideration must be given to everything that needs to be done in the meantime.

Let’s look at some reasons why it is important to be aware of and plan for your baby’s arrival into the world.

Have A Plan

Discussing your pregnancy and birth plans with your family physician is important after you have a firm grasp of when to expect your child. Whether you currently have children or if your expected baby is your first, knowing whether or not a C-section is an option is important to establish ahead of time.

Additional thought needs to be given to potential pain management during the birthing process. It is good to familiarise yourself with what labour is like and when you should begin making the trip to the hospital if that is part of your plan. Making sure to iron out all the details of what will happen on the day of birth is essential to avoid miscommunication and mistakes made against your wishes.

However, be receptive and flexible to the fact that things change. Circumstances may dictate that different measures need to be taken to ensure the health of you and your baby. In other words, it is important to have a backup plan just in case.

Take Care Of Yourself

Once you are aware of your due date, you can begin to explore what you need to do to ensure the proper development of your child in utero. Maintain regular appointments with your doctor to make sure that your child is progressing properly.

It is important to maintain a healthy diet and abstain from all the bad habits you might have accumulated over the years. Avoid drinking and smoking to reduce the chances of your child developing serious health conditions or a low birth weight. Make sure to vaccinate yourself to avoid passing on any serious illnesses to your child.

Mind Your Maternity Leave

Planning for your baby’s arrival also entails knowing when to schedule your maternity leave. For the purposes of harmonious relations at your workplace, letting your employer know the expected due date is not only courteous but can be necessary to secure your entitlements during this time.

Learn More About The Process

Knowing your due date makes the prospect of having a baby a very real and tangible thing. Getting caught up in the excitement and emotions of this stage of life is a fantastic thing, but it is important to take some time for sober-minded reflection and planning. Take the intervening time before your baby arrives to read up on proper infant care and nutrition. Purchase necessary home equipment and furnishings to accommodate your child comfortably. It is far easier to deal with these things while you still have time and energy. After your baby arrives, you will find that you will have a lot less of both.