Labor Augmentation May Lead to Autism

Labor augmentation may lead to autism in a child, according to the scientists from Duke University Medical Center in the U.S. Their study revealed that among children who were born after labor augmentation there were more autists than with natural childbirth.


Autism is an incurable disease associated with abnormalities in mental development. Children with autism are not able to communicate and interact with other people properly. They are bad teachable, have no emotional ties, familiar to the world of normal people. One of the characteristics of autism is the lack of response to human speech, which normally occurs in infancy.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Simon Gregory analyzed more than 625,000 births and documented manifestations of autism in children later in life. Scientists found a direct link between autistic behavior and labor augmentation. It was found that the risk of autism in children born by labor augmentation both before and during the labor was much higher. Moreover, such a relationship showed mainly in boys. A significant fact is that the correlation was maintained even if you took away such factors as the mother’s health, socio-economic conditions in the family, and how the pregnancy went – they all could lead to children’s health violations.